Trading in Forex

I'm interested in forex trading, can anyone tell me which broker provides service.
i want to trade in INR currency, plase tell who is genuine provider.


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You need to dig a little into the background of the forex trading system before you make your selection. Ask for their complaint history as well as the success stories. It is always better to know more about the company. Remember the significance of reliable and accurate forex trading tool in trading foreign currency.


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You cannot trade currencies, per se, according to laws and mandates issued by RBI. You can only trade derivatives of USD, JPY, EUR, GBP against INR on NSE and MCX exchanges. Future contracts are available for all four pairs but option contracts are available only on USD/INR pair.
Hello Tharun, you are welcome here! But I am not sure why you are interested on Exotic trading pairs! As a new Forex trader I would suggest you to start with major currency pairs of Forex! In addition, don’t start your learning process with multiple trading instruments! One or two trading pairs are much effective rather than so many trading instruments on learning!
Broker selection not harder but finding the right one for your trading and in your area is difficult. Because there are so many brokers, and to find out one from all of them is really difficult.

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