1. J

    Training on MetaTrader 4 & 5 terminals

    Hi dear all , We are just about to start a Training Module in India and provide Training on the terminal Of MT4 & MT5 .How one can make the best use of it. MT4 is very robust platform which can be use to trade multiple markets. The same will also include the Training of markets and also...
  2. M

    Is Forex less risky then share business

    In my point of view if you have good knowledge in Forex trading,then it is less risky.But you need to be expert.Forex metal provide a helping hand for you.what do all of you think?
  3. V

    Forex Price Action

    Hi Traders, I am going to Discuss Some setup using PA method in Forex markets I am Posting a setup which arised this week and benefited
  4. S

    Why choose a STP broker?

    Hi All, we have all heard about going for a ECN broker versus the market makers. But are you aware of the STP broker? and its advantages? If not let me explain it to you in the most simplest form. STP= Straight Through Processing. Here every order is directly routed to the interbank...
  5. N

    Trading Platform..

    Hello Everyone.. Whats everyone views best Trading Platform ??
  6. T

    My demo trading (Path to success )

    Hi friends, My market experience. I was in the market since 2001 onwards and market taken tution fee from me around 4,50,000/- in three stages ( 2001 to 2006 -- 3 lakhs, 2007-2010 --> 1 lakh, 2011-2012 August -->50,000 ). 2007 onwards most of the trades are intraday trades. I Started demo...
  7. J

    Why paper trading is considered futile

    I have hear many saying that paper trading is useless, and not much of s help. I want to know why ppr trdng is considered futile. Please share your thoughts
  8. mubzaveri

    nice hedging strategy

    hi friends, while surfing yesterday i came across a hedging strategy, sounds promising..... actually i think it can be used with a profitable system as hedging strategy. i m providing the link to the strategy & request seniours like SG & 4xpipcounter,PT,Saint,etc.. to share their experience with...
  9. P

    new to forex market

    hi i am new to forex market , any body help me by telling me about various charges impose on currency trading. :confused:
  10. D

    Somebody has the normal scalper

    Somebody has the normal scalper? To share with me
  11. P

    Bank wire Transfer

    I have mentioned 'FOREX TRADING' as reason for my bank wire transfer(through ICICIBank) to credit my Forex trading account abroad(U.S). This is my initial deposit and after funding i will receive my loginid and pwd. I got a reply saying 'My application is rejected' since it is not...
  12. J

    Ask Your Forex Question Here

    hi i am trading forex for a while and doing alright in it. if anyone has any question regarding forex please post here and i will try to help as much as i can. If you want you can see my trading journal as well under my trading journal title. cheers
  13. J

    My trading journal

    Hi i am trading forex for six months now. and i have decided to keep track of my trades here. Do not follow them. Please don't ask for my system or strategy. I consider fundamental and use technical analysis to trade.
  14. T


    anybody here trading in forex. i love to know more about the stratagies u follow. suresh :)