Binary options from FrontStocks?

Hi guys
I'm interested in binary options trading and currently have a demo account on frontstocks platform. But before opening a real account want to ask does somebody know this broker?
As I noticed they are kinda new on market and I can't find much information about them.
Ok, I've decided to invest minimum deposit and now I don't see any difference between my demo and real trading.

Now I need to earn some more and then I will try to withdraw this funds :)
Even, I am not interested on Binary Options trading, it looks like gambling to me! Besides, I am comfortable with Forex trading profession, here I get enough spaces to make money like, I can use swing trades and others long term trading styles too, so around the month I get standard monthly income without high risk ratio, that’s the beauty of Forex business!
Binary Options is very new for Indians so you will rarely find any information about it on any forums of India. Even i am also not big fan of it as it is very new to me.

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