why do most trader always make same mistake?

here is the answer

he makes same mistake because
1.he is stupid or lazy or
started on wrong foot without proper trading education-
started trading without a guide or mentor
or started without knowing ABCD OF money management.

He tried to save money on trading education and training-the saving resulted in 100 times more expenses.
he aims at profit first .
he must aim at loss and controlling it first which he ignores again & again.
Trading done by having a good mentor- knowledge-have good infrastructure-have a set of proper edge tools-have discipline(know what to do by education then do it exactly by having practice and good discipline.
use only tested proven tools.
If anything missed say it .
stocks, forex, commodities all same concept.
Easy to trade in one directional market.
we get loss during sideways.
Forex.. Just 4 horses.
Stocks more than 2000 horses
commodities around 20 horses
If we knocked by a horse in stocks we can travel in another horse.
But, in forex just 4 horses in India.
Initially if we loose its ok but we have to identify the reason for our losses and rectify it.(Its really tough because even a succesful trader trade in few instruments alone...it means other markets cant be predicted by them..eg.options trading)
Moreover we cant be successful in all patterns.
Find which one works best and apply it.
TA or FA is an important thing.
A new trader atleast have watch chart movements for 1 month before executing the trade.As a human being we get tempted and want to trade everyday.
But. I think this is the biggest mistake all traders do.
Without knowing support and resistance if we trade.. its a perfect gambling.

Tamil trader

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They are treating as gambling

but successful traders are treating as business....

Trading is a business for me.. it is not a gambling for me.. so i make money
You are right, mistakes are very common here! Even, I also lost my 1st trading capital because of over trading (which one is very common mistake here)! By the way, I didn’t lose my hope and practice my demo account so sincerely! Greed, emotions, avoid stop loss, over trading, over lots are very common issue here! Please be sincere on those issues!


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If i can put it in 1 simple line
If some one practices RELIGIOUSLY ... "Why a particular trade was taken, session & time of the day, R2R, how long the trade lasted and finally, THE END RESULT" ... This worst habit will fade and ultimately evaporate in less than 6 months ...
We are all result/s of our HABITS - Both Good and Bad ...
Stay Green ...
The traders do that because they thinks that it will be different the next time, and thus they follow same strategies again and again and loses.