how to start trading:clap:
Hello Infor! You have to start your trading career through demo, basically demo practice is the most reliable way of learning! Then try to learn technical and news analysis in their demo! Try to understand actual reasons of big moves here! In addition, don’t buy any automatic trading system or strategy, most of them are scammer!
Practically Demo is only useful, if you take it seriously, and if you do, it is the best way to learn the Market, so Consider this that if you wanna become successful, you need to have proper Demo Practice.
Start with learning, there is no need for a mentor to learn trading. Learn with yourself so that you can have the idea about a market and how you are going to deal with the market.
Yeah, you need to believe in yourself than to get involved with some mentors, who might be useful for some instances, but many time the outcome is very painful.

Hulu Girl

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I think everyone is aware of this fact that you have to learn to yourself, finding someone to help you is not a right way to be a trader.
Yeah, everyone is aware about it, but then also certain traders makes the same mistakes again and again and they choose the brokers without proper research and hence later face the loss.

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