Knowin When To Use Your Trading Strategy

Many traders struggle with the decision of using one strategy all the time . The real situation lies in knowing how to differentiate the present market condition you are trading in for an instance A moving average based system may work very well in a trending market but fail in a range bound market. At the same time a Stochastic might give you great signals in a range bound market but result in many false signals in a trending market. The key is to decide which market you are going to trade. If you are going to trade a trending market, pick the appropriate strategy and stick to it and likewise for a range bound market.
I think it is very important to know and understand your trading strategy. You shouldn't just jump on a trading system because you heard it is very profitable. You must know the conditions that can make you use the system; this way you can even tweak to match varying market conditions.
Most times you should try correspond the signals from your trading system with news. Your system can not be telling to buy the EURUSD when the Fed just announced interest rates.
Knowing when to use strategy is part of our trading plan. Making a proper plan with combination of management and strategy can work more better then only analysis and strategy.
Your forex strategy must align with the trading conditions in the market. You can not be using one simple moving average to find the trend in a market undergoing consolidation.

Hulu Girl

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Trader should know where to use strategy and how to work with it. There is no direction list or rules for it. Every trader has his own analysis according which he use strategy for trading.
I think the best strategy would be to create our own and also we need to change it from time to time, as you cannot win with the same strategy in each situations.

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