full service broker have minimum brokarage like for any trade their brokarage like .02 or rs 20 or 30 which is higher and in case of discount broker it is .01/.1 or rs 20 which is lower. however they earn from call and trade .rs 20/call and maximun trader get trapped after initiating trade for any reason and have to call to exit:confused:
We at 5paisa understand the value of money and its importance. We plan to help you multiply it by offering discount broking and investment platform.

We know that your money is precious and has to be invested carefully to get maximum returns. We make this possible by bringing you technology driven solutions that enable you to invest at a lower cost.

We empower you with information to take right decisions at the right time. Our simple and easy-to-use interface is aimed at waking up the investor in you! The Digital Investor of the future!

Who we are
5paisa.com is backed by one of India’s leading financial services companies - IIFL which has over 2.9 million happy customers across various business segments.

Our experience of the Financial Markets, understanding of customer needs and expertise in implementing complex technological solutions enables us to give you a great investing experience at an unimaginably low cost!

Our Products
Online Trading

Trading at its best with streaming
quotes, charts, multi-segment
watchlist and fast trade execution

Mutual Funds
Our Auto Investor finds the right
portfolio of mutual funds for your

Online Insurance
Get the right insurance for your
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So invest with us, and see your investments grow like never before.
What is Discount Broking?
Discount Broking is a concept wherein the broker charges lower commissions or brokerage in comparison to the regular brokerage.

What are Discount Brokers?
In discount broking, lower commissions are charged as compared to the market norms and attract the existing clients of other firms in the field. No annual service fee or maintenance fees are charged on customer's accounts. A discount broker is a stockbroker who carries out buy and sell orders at a reduced commission compared to a full-service broker but provides no investment advice.
Why 5paisa

  1. Value for Money

    We strongly believe that paying brokerage in % terms is preposterous. Brokerage per commissions should never be linked to the trade value. We therefore offer a flat rate of Rs. 10/order irrespective of the segment you trade or the value of your trade.

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  2. Smart Advisory
    Research and advisory is the backbone for every decision making. We truly understand that and provide technical, derivative and fundamental advise to our clients.

    Advanced Research

  3. Dedicated Support
    Our products will make you completely independent. But, if still you need any support or assistance then we are just a call away. Our dedicated call centre will help you not just to solve your queries but also execute trades and provide advise.

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  4. Trusted Brand
    5paisa.com is backed by the IIFL Group which is one of India’s leading financial services company and has built the trust of its customers over the years.
Advanced Research
Simplify your trading & make more informed decisions with help of our state-of-the-art Research tools.

Idea Lists
An algorithmically generated
list of top growth stocks ideas.

Stock Evaluation
Proprietary ratings, custom
checklists and stock-specific
data for individual stock.

Market Outlook
A regular & insightful update
on overall Market conditions.

Model Portfolio
Handpicked stocks picked by
our experienced Research