why trdrs losing if


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y so mny trdrs losing (me also) whn trding is so Eazzzy ;)

plot X sma/ema/wma,
tek all trds in ma direction
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But do you say the Secret Mantra while executing the trade? Maybe thats the missing link. All successful traders know that Mantra. Ask Senior traders here for that Mantra.

Repeating it 3 times before the trade makes it a multi bagger too
i m tossing coin
if heads its long
if tails its shrt
its giving nly 40% win rate
You need to correct yourself. Forex is not easy. It is tough place to invest in. You need to deal with different technical points to achieve some success in it. Your investment could turn into failure in an instant. You need to consider the consequences as well.
Yes trading is easy.Just push the buttons.The trick is when to push it and get.and the most difficult part is when to get out.(Abhimanyu,Chakravyu).
The real problem is the traders psychology.
1. Expectations.
2. Unknown demons in the mind after a trade is put.
3. Reading too much news just to get ahead of the people.So that one can get early in the trend.
4. Too much leverage
5. Looking for confirmation bias in other instruments like SGXNifty,Dow futures.
6.Not willing to put time and effort to learn with patience.
ys n den
fear of tred Xzecution
fear of loosing dat scared money
That is a deep rooted issue.But can be overcome once you accept the uncertainty of the market and how a 1% edge will play out.Even thought you have an edge say a coin with 55% weightage. In the long run as the edge is with you , you will win.But the daily sequence may give you pain.Hence you need to take all the trades your system generates without question.Provided your system has a decent edge. even if it is 40%.Thats fine. We can discuss at length if you want.

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