I'm Robinsh, a Newbie Trader ..

Hello dear investors & traders,

My name is Robinsh Kumar, a 25 year old boy from Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) India and I do blogging about blogging and making money online along with some web based projects.

Now I'm trying to learn about day trading in Equities & Currencies through my one month old ZERODA account, so far I practiced about buying, selling, cover orders, stop loss.

And I already booked loss of Rs.3500/- till now.

P.S. If you think you can help me in this journey of trading then please come along and add me as your contact.


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Robnish warm welcome u can go through subhadip thread pivot trading learn rally decline minor pivots visual pivot minor trend visual trend master these then also learn money management from st posts .u can search for st posts here and do read how much of his posts as possible he has put in some great things in very simple writing and even if u understand practice even half of it ull on ur way to trading success and last method once u mastered above basics well u can choose a method from many here like st swift subhadip two ma or pivot trading or pratap vwap and sd and others and trade it correctly with proper money and trade management. I have put method in last as trading is always more than method.wishing u success happy trading.
thank you so much for the welcome note with the valuable recommendations from where I can learn to do trade with money management.

I'm also very serious about learning and that's why decided not to re-enter the market until and unless I'll have some solid learning to trade with confidence.

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