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  1. B

    Agrawal corporate workshop review

    Could some please share the Agrawal corporate trading workshop reviews?
  2. R


    I know Sir, I'm technically analyst with over +1 year of experience in equity's and currencies with swing trading. Now, I want to go even further. Learning about fundamentals and my goal is to best trader of India. I'll not be able to pay your fees if you are looking for that, but other than...
  3. R

    Keep It Simple - My Trading Dairy

    Hi All, Disclaimer : This thread is my trading dairy and not a recommendation or financial advice to anyone as I am not certified to do so. If anyone want to learn trading on the basis of this, Feel free to do so but any financial loss/gain is his/her responsibility as you are taking your own...
  4. A

    AI based software for fundamental and technical analysis

    Hi All, We are developing an open source Artificial Intelligent (AI) based software application. This software application will work like a personal investment expert and pick you the top stocks to invest based on your Investment plans, Fundamental/Technical data, Trends, Stocks performance...
  5. timircha

    best indicator for intraday trading.

    Can any please suggest me best indicator for day trading.
  6. R

    Reliability of technical indicators for day trading

    Hello traders. I have one simple question. As a day trader, is it OK to use technical indicators if they are giving good results in backtesting? I'm applying my strategies to NIFTY50 stocks only. What other tools should I use that would improve my efficiency as a day trader? I have...
  7. A

    I am planning to buy advanced get in 10 days. Please help

    Hi Traders, I bought metastock software with ATM add on. 50 times in a day it hangs. Also not always rule based trading works. With few trades hitting stop loss, I decided to upgrade and found that Advanced Get is what which is left in the market. For 3 reasons I am keen on going for Advanced...
  8. Mukr

    Improvements needed in Fyers web aka Trading view! (clients)

    Hi Dear readers and traders iam Murali Krishna and full time trader and i created this thread to discuss trading view (Fyers web) as trading platform and want to know about pros and cons of this to me as trader in seeking opportunities!
  9. A

    What to do when several bullish candlesticks are formed

    Please see the attached image. I've learned the reversal candlestick patterns but I couldn't find what to do in such a situation where a stock suddenly starts moving up.
  10. MCXgain

    Amibroker Exploration Help

    Hi I'm trying to create an ami exporation AFl which will scan stock for "intraday fall from high" and "intraday recovery from low". The section is supposed to scan for % change and provide net % change value with color. Its showing no value instead. Would be grateful if I could find some help...
  11. nikki5_me

    Model Portfolio stock selection

    This thread is a combination of both technical and fundamentals of a stock along with the allocation needs to be done. Firstly, I am not a tipster and also am not some "expert". I am here to learn and while learning would like to include the wise advise of all the members here, especially ST da...
  12. A

    Correct Analysis - Bearish / Bullish - 25 Days ?

    Hello , Current Nifty : 9600 I wish to be able to read the market to determine if it is Bullish or bearish ? Timeframe : After 25 trading days , will be Option A : Above 9200 (ie present-4%) Option B : Below 10000 (ie present+4%) What would be the best process to choose one option...
  13. T

    Price action chart reading

    Dear Senior Traders, I am new to trading,I read little about price action trading.I like to learn more about price action and chart reading.Please help me to read the price action from the attached chart. This is 3 months EOD chart of POWERGRID trading in NSE.Last bar is created on 6/2/2017...
  14. S

    Understanding Charts easy way for Beginners

    Hi, After struggling for few days finally I have got few reliable resources from where I started learning about charts. I will put my understanding here in layman's terms.Hope will save some time for beginners who are enthusiastic but getting hard time to get to the starting point. :clap: I...
  15. A

    Short Survey Request

    Hi Members, I'm a new member here with a few years of stock trading experience. Presently I'm doing a small research on why stock traders fail to make money more often than not. In this regard, may I please request you all to participate in a very short survey for my study. Your time...
  16. N

    Institutional Activity

    Hello Friends, Good Morning. I would like to share my insights about Institutional Activity, during the normal trading hours. I hope that you would like it very much. God Willing. The Big "Bhaloo"
  17. A

    Volume Of Buy

    Hi all:) I have a question about volume of buy Maximum much should buy until the price dont out of the trend??:confused:
  18. I

    Help needed in finding trend using bollinger bands!

    Hey guys, I have a question regarding bollinger bands. i know what bollinger bands are and what is the significance of the upper and lower bands. i also know that price sometimes go outside the bands(5% according to the book). i need to learn how to predict when the price is going outside the...
  19. M

    How to use fundamental with or without techical analysis for short term trading

    Can we use fundamental analysis with or without technical analysis for short term trading(eg swing trading). In most short term trading (2 days to weeks) we use technical analysis more and fundamental analysis less. I have a good understanding of technical analysis and use this method for my...
  20. M

    Broker providing technical analysis auto buy and sell?

    Which brokers in india provides auto buy and sell of a stock using technical analysis BUY close > MA SELL Close < MA I am a swing trader who uses technical analysis, so keeps stocks for more than a week. I know about zerodha which provide pi . but for me it has some disadvantages Its a semi...