Correct Analysis - Bearish / Bullish - 25 Days ?

Hello ,
Current Nifty : 9600

I wish to be able to read the market to determine if it is Bullish or bearish ?

Timeframe : After 25 trading days , will be
Option A : Above 9200 (ie present-4%)
Option B : Below 10000 (ie present+4%)

What would be the best process to choose one option with a higher accuracy?
Which indicators to study ? What should be the parameters ?
What data is most indicative ? Open Interest? Moving average? Foreign inflow? Month of year ? Movement in previous x days ?
I understand , that markets are uncertain.
But what best can be done of available information.

Objective : To establish , either bullish or bearish , ?? option credit spreads at 4% away breakeven point every month.
Will be thankful for good advise on what to see and basics of how.