technical analaysis

  1. M

    Broker providing technical analysis auto buy and sell?

    Which brokers in india provides auto buy and sell of a stock using technical analysis BUY close > MA SELL Close < MA I am a swing trader who uses technical analysis, so keeps stocks for more than a week. I know about zerodha which provide pi . but for me it has some disadvantages Its a semi...
  2. V

    2 day workshop on technical analysis

    My fellow traders, National Institute Of Financial Management (An autonomous Body of Ministry of Finance) is organizing a workshop on technical analysis at Faridabad on 17th and 18th October. Faculty are Rakesh Bansal of R.K. Global and Rishi Mehra of Corporate Partners For more...
  3. Sagarocks432

    Which are gud indicators for Volume.?

    Hello Friends, I research on technical analysis daily and I can justify major movements of market.:D But not able to to justify movement of Volume.:( Can u please suggest some good indicators from which I can justify and predict a little bit movement of Volume???? :) Also tell which is best and why!
  4. M

    Can MACD technical analysis can be used for Indian mutual funds

    I am not a mathmatician or a economist but can you explain to me wheter we can use MACD technical analysis with chart and histogram on mutual funds (eg:SBI mutual funds). If yes how should we carry out MACD analysis of mutual funds and can you provide an example. which softwares can we use for...
  5. C


    Hi Friends! I'm new to Traderji and small investor cum trader. Very much interested to study and develop AFL.
  6. G

    self assessment is the key to success

    Invest on your own ideas and concepts. I recently came to know its better to be loser by my own terms but not being an advised idiot. Means I trade with my research nowadays, feeling anxious to share my experience how I make my trades turn in my favor. Using technicals I am doing good. But...
  7. A

    Nifty Sense of Direction - 4 Weeks Duration

    Hello , I intend to set up an Options Credit spread in the first week of every month , and let it remain for the four weeks till expiry. The spread breakeven point being either 4% above or below than the current value. How do I determine , whether I should choose a bearish spread or...
  8. S

    Real Time data with discount brokers

    Hello all, I am new member here. I was looking for a discount broker with real time data services that come with the account, if any. And also if that data can be plugged in live in a software like amibroker ( if not then may be end of the day data). Is it better - 1. to go with discount...
  9. S

    Trading Strategies' log !!

    Watch your moves in Market Today !! (May 22, 2013) As seen, Nifty is trading range bound since morning. It is trading between its intraday resistance of 6145 & support of 6103 levels. If it manages to break 6145 level & sustain above this level, then a rally might be seen till 6180 & Nifty...
  10. B

    What is the best tool for technical analysis

    Hello everybody, Though I am not new to this site, but registered today. Please suggest some best technical analysis tool for day trading. And also where I can found the intraday trading tips / suggestion etc. And any other resource which I can use for day trading. Any tips to trade in...
  11. meet444

    Basic technical analysis with EOD candlestick charts of Indian markets

    This thread is opened to all simply 1 Post your charts(only candlestick EOD) with your analysis 2 Indicators allowed 3 Please include your trend,support and resistance lines 4 Show basic pattern if they are forming on charts 5 If you give targets post with reasons and...
  12. M

    Technical and Fundamental Analysis?

    Hi, Is it very important to learn Technical and Fundamental Analysis for decision making in equity market.
  13. Blu

    Way to Financial Freedom

    Hello Members, I stumbled upon this forum a week back.I have been a member of many forums all over the world and i must say this forum is among the best i have seen. Today decided to register and start my own thread. I have been trading for 8 years quite successfully. I have shifted to...
  14. ashutosh.krsrivastava

    Trading Software for iPad??

    Hi, anyone got an idea about which software to use for technical analysis in iPad??? Regards...
  15. I


    :) Hai, i am new to this forum. my interested field is investments, stock trading. i am Using Aptistock - but i am not able to read charts of Tatamotor, BHel etc bcoz the stock split , bonus is not getting adjusted in the software - in my case - plz help me to solve this problem. (my email...
  16. avid1511

    charting software for linux?

    Hi, I recently switched to linux and was wondering if there is any neat charting and analysis software available for linux preferably open source?? Thnx AviD
  17. J

    Need Help with MT4 Server

    Hi, I am using Mt4 for learning technical analysis. But I dont have usd inr showing in that. Can any one pls help me on which server usd inr is available. Thanks in advance, Sujith
  18. N

    The Volatility during Preopen - How does it affect Indicators

    I am a novice in the stock market and am reading the wealth of info here to learn before I begin paper trading and then real trading. I have been looking at a lot of Charts both intraday and daily and see a lot of high spikes during the Preopen period. Was wondering how this affects the charts...
  19. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Traderji Twitter : Debarghya Mukherjee

    It is my request my Traderji friends and other members to use this thread as our Trading Twitter. We will post our tweet ( small thoughts) all the day long here. Every body can post and can comments here. Please keep your comments with in 200 characters. Let the ZEAL remains. Short...
  20. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Any solution on flat trading day?

    hello to all the members od traderji, many of you are doing trading for years, i want to know from you that is there any solution of flat price movement trading day. I have two questions 1) any way to understand that price movement is going to be flat 2) any solution to flat day. Thanx in...