My intraday Trading

I want to profit from small market movements taking advantage of a 1 min candle.

I want to keep my graph as simple as possible and going to use some simple indicators.

My check list

1. Gobal trend
2. BNF
3. Market depth
4. Movement first 3 candles of 15 min chart
5. First trade if in profit , reduce trade size for next trades.
6. Not to close in negative if 1st trade is in profit.
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Day 2 : Not good day as scalper.


Trade 1 : Short @ 213 . Almost crossed day high and upper BB .
Trade 2/3 : BNF looking weak , Price crossed lower BB and become range bound , buy some qty at 11.30 hrs and averaged at 13.00 hrs while price crossed lower BB .
Trade 3 : Price spiked and crossed upper BB , and price start to fell , short there. Closed the trade at 20EMA line.
11-12-19 canbk III.PNG

HINADLCO : Traded for small qty as risk was high .

11-12-19 hindalco.PNG

EOD profit : 1585. Closing terminal.

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