1. A

    HELP- One Of The Best Leading Indicator!No Repaint!

    Hi, Could anyone Translate Vostro Indicator from Metatrader to amibroker AFL? Its one of the best Indicator used for scalping and does not repaint.We can use it with other indicators for effective results. Seniors, please help us!!! Screenshot: Here is the code: /* Generated...
  2. madhavareddy1203

    Need AFL : for this Strategy

    Hi, Im looking for afl with explorer for below strategy. After 3 yrs researching on amibroker afls i came to conclusion that there is no afl which give success rate above 60%. and i have stopped searching for new afls. im tired. Still some people searching for Holygrails and above 90% success...
  3. K

    Intraday Strategy with Super Trend Indicator

    Hi,,... If anyone have used Super Trend indicator for the intraday strategy for stocks??? Please share your view.
  4. A

    Understnding Price Action - Scalping

    Hello , Would like to have suggestions , how to best execute my strategy for scalping one point out of Nifty ITM options. Will be placing bracket orders on Interactive Brokers. Want to do this once a day. 1.What would be the perfect instrument (strike price / month) for max leverage and...
  5. L

    Hello fellow traders !

    We represent a proprietary day trading desk in western suburbs of Mumbai, having memberships of NSE (since 1997) and BSE Being extremely passionate about day trading, we are here to share and learn from fellow traders, as we have watched this community grow exponentially over the past few...
  6. A

    Nifty 2 Points - How to trade

    Hello , I am interested in going ahead with scalping. Am interested in only 2 points in NIFTY (one trade per day) (ie 1 point in the nifty option) using Zerodha for big number of lots (200 - 300). Would like to get some guidance from the experienced members. 1. Is it worthwhile to...
  7. P

    which stocks are good for intraday scalping ?

    I would like to know some stocks with high volume & average /less volatility, which can be used to scalp , my objective is to scalp high volume of stocks as soon as 5 , 10 paisa can be made . Also guide me on any other scalping thread on this forum ?
  8. P

    Profiting from Bid ask Spread

    Is it possible to profit from Bid ask spread , is us markets , some traders buy at the buy at the Bid price and sell at the Ask price, to gain the bid/ask difference? how relevant is it in Indian markets , What are advantages and disadvantages? Any roadblocks?
  9. S

    Scalping Strategies

    hey all, a any scalpers out here? any body who actually risks their capital on a one minute chart for NIFTY or cash or futures segment... just wanna knw the views n success rate of such successful scalpers out here.... coz m plannin to start scalping on nifty...the reason m askin is coz i...