1. J

    nifty option trades by a novice trader

    Hello all. i want to start a thread on nifty options. i'm new to trading. and here in traderji i have learnt a lot of things over tech analysis and strategies from the threads of saint ,SH, and many more. now finally i have decided to start trading on nifty based on the strategies i have learnt...
  2. P

    Quick day trade in options

    Hello This is for active traders who sit in front of screen. For first hour (or 90 min) of trade just watch screen till u build a judgement of NIFTY move for next 10 - 15 points (up or down). If it is up then buy a CALL but if u think it is down then buy PUT (out of money cos the are...
  3. Q

    Any ideas on Finideas Volspread Trader course?

    Hi, Can anyone provide me the feedback regarding the Finideas Volspread options Trader course? Is it worth it. Can anybody suggest me any good options courses in India covering advanced implementable strategies in the Indian market
  4. D

    Doug Cutler user doug9694

    I have not done any investing except in HYIP's since 1991. The HYIP,s where hard enough to do. When the funding brokers started folding and taking the small gains I made with them a couple years ago I quit them. I am looking at various systems that show up on the net, x-patterns...
  5. eagal

    Intraday Options Trading by VAMSI

    Hi I am starting trading recently about 6 months as normal lost some money. I don't know what percent of people will make money with out loosing in starting stage. I tried Nifty options, Futures, Commodities but no use. Actually I some what managed to break even in commodities. Any how...
  6. K

    Software developer needed(requirements included)

    Need to develop a option analysis software to plot and tabulate the payoff for positions based on live data as well as plot a few other metrics based on option data. you need to have a understanding of derivatives. Prefer someone with enough spare time to finish it asap. PM me. c++ & excel or a...
  7. T

    Mba Projects Titles On Derivatives 100%calculation part -2015

    1. Report on Currency Derivatives. 2. Competitive Analysis of Equity market and Derivative market. 3. Project Report on Risk Management In Derivatives 4. A Comparative study of Derivatives 5. Risk Management at Derivatives. 6. A study of Investor Perception at Religare Securities for...
  8. T

    Which broker charges minimum margin for writing options

    Hi, Which broker requires minimum margin for writing options? Please give your suggestion.
  9. M

    Stop Loss - Options

    Hi, I am new to Options trading. I would like to limit my losses in options via stop loss. For example if I bought a NIFTY lot (CE) and would like to set stoploss trigger price for squareoff the same, how do I do that ? I am trading with ICICDirect. Can I mention stoploss when I sell...
  10. Y

    My options trading for this month

    Though I am trading in equities for past few years and profitable, I am new to option trading and doesnt have much knowledge about strategies. But still I decided to trade from tomorrow in options. It looks for me like a math. Here are the calls I am planning in my first options trade: I...
  11. Y

    Can I sell 1000 call option of strides, currently trading at 4, when i have 50000rs?

    Can I sell 1000 call option of strides, currently trading at 4, when i have 50000rs with me? Lot size is 500. I am new to option trading.So i have above query? Do selling call option needs the money to be available in account like 1000x500 i.e 5lakhs should be available with me? Or can i...
  12. A

    Excel Sheet - Options

    Hi All, I am search an excel sheet that can pull up options data from nseindia.com Please advise if such an excel sheet be formed that can pull such data automatically or at a single click. I want to include Nifty and all stocks having options. Screenshot Example: Thanks mates.....
  13. A

    CALL PUT movement based on FUTURE OR CASH

    Hi all members, Is CALL PUT options movement based on Cash price or Futures Price. What shall I keep a track of Nifty Futures or Nifty Cash when buying CALL / PUT. Thanks all, aman
  14. R

    how to write options?

    Hi guys, I am a newbie to options trading. I would like to know the steps involved in writing an option (call or put)? can i just simply sell an option and will that be considered writing an option? thank you
  15. M

    Square Off Nifty Option in Loss(?)

    Hi Everyone, I am verymuch new to Options Trading and confused for some of the trading process related to it. For Example my confusion is : If I buy 1 lot of OPT-NIFTY-31-Jul-2014-7500-CE @ 190 (190 x 50 + Brokerage) and if tomorrow it goes down to 185 and if I square off my position...
  16. K

    options book

    Hi Friends, I am considering to learn options trading. Could you suggest any books or good sources to learn the same. Thanks, Karuna
  17. K

    need help about brokerage on options

    i am new to options. so far i did options trading 2 times . what i don't get is ,when i checked my back office at 5:30, my selling average shows Rs.1 less on my selling avg on both the trades. i am with angel broking. .would any one be kind enough to explain it to me. thanks in advance
  18. L

    Options Adjustments

    This Thread is regarding how we can manage all adverse/worse scenarios in our strategy through adjustments. Just giving tips no real examples. Request all seniors to give their inputs. Assumptions 1) We do non directional trade and donot understand technical analysis. 2) We calculate theta...
  19. K

    How to get Margin File for Derivatives?

    Hello, I am looking for the Margin file for the derivatives from NSE website. Is there anyway i can get the exact margin for all the script in NSE. MCX and NCDEX provides it on their website but i could not find it on NSE website. Please Help. Kanak Shah
  20. D

    Result Day Strategy 16 May 2014

    Dear all Being an iron condor trader for quite a while I have been making slow but steady money for last few months. Though last few months were a condor trader's nightmare due to insane VIX spikes and one sided bullish ralley, but sticking with rules still returned as 2% monthly returns. I...