After 5 years... Im back

Hai Guys..

Im back after five years... lot of things changed in market.. Now brokers giving less exposure.

Now im looking to write options..

Plz let me know which is best broker giving more exposure to write options. I need more exposure to carry positions..

Thanks in advance.
Brokers will stop giving margins soon.

Alternatively, they are giving margin benefits to low risk option strategies like bull call spread, bear put spread, etc

My free android app spots low risk high reward option strategies based on your market view with delayed data. It gives a detailed view about each strategy like break even, max profit, max loss, margin required, ROI, etc

App link:

Disclaimer: Data shown in the app can be delayed (max 20 mins) as I am using the free plan with my data vendor
@Anandaraj T is your app only for trading strategies? Do you provide any advice for equity investing with long term focus - like multibagger strategy etc ...
Only for finding low risk, high profit option strategies. I don't want my app users to lose by taking big risks. If risk is more, I display a warning message in the strategy itself.

I am not an analyst so I don't provide any advice.


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in a way sebi is training retail players to devise low risk strategies upfront so that when full margin kicks in, retailers start actually deploying it....But there will always be punters in market who provide liquidity to operators
The market is an ever-changing place where changes take place every second so five years is a very long time. @ madhavareddy1203 There is nothing like the best broker offering more exposure to options. You can find several good brokers and hence it is recommended to compare a few to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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