1. R

    Debt Component in Nifty

    Hi, I am trying to value a stock using CAPM. The company is debt free and profit making but the Beta w.r.t. Nifty is 1.09 (per reuters) To make sense of the market premium on Nifty and use it to calculate the cost of capital of company, I need the amount of debt that the components of nifty...
  2. jamit_05

    Seeing the 15min Chart as is.

    Will post updates on the intraday direction of Nifty. The direction may change as many as 5 times a day. Will not post profits or losses. It is a distraction enough that they are a part of reality, do not want to exacerbate their effect on trading results by mentioning them repeatedly...
  3. A

    A very basic question on option selling (writing)

    Hi! I'm a beginner trader in Nifty Futures and would like to get into Option Selling on Nifty Options. In that context, I have a few questions on Option Selling! How does Option Selling work? I know that to sell a Nifty option, I have to have a combined span and exposure margin of around...
  4. B

    Bliss Charts

    I will be posting mostly Nifty Intraday Charts and sometimes stock charts based on Price Action, I may also post Option trades and opportunities from time to time, they may or may not be real trades taken in real time I will be using simple Price Action techniques, especially inspired by...
  5. S

    Seminar on ‘Investments in Indices’

    Seminar on ‘Investments in Indices’ On 4 December, 2013 from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm Dear Member, We are pleased to announce that Indian Merchants' Chamber’s Capital Market Committee has organsied a seminar on “Investments in Indices” on 4 December, 2013 from 5.00 pm to 7.00pm in Walchand...
  6. P

    High Profit EOD based option Strategy for Advanced Traders

    Transaction to be done on 05.11.2013 for Base Index at 6317.35: Buy 6600 CE at Price 24.40 Sell 6400 CE at Price 87.25 Sell 6500 CE at Price 49.50 Net Points Received: 112.35 Very Important: Either do not enter into trade, if enter, be sure to make all the three trades at one go. If you...
  7. dipaarti

    My Trading Diary - Nifty Trader

    Hello Traders, Its been quite a long time ascertaining and finalizing writing a Trading Diary. Had been writing it in a book since a month and after quite a good success, decided to post my own thread with my own trading. By Nature, I am a more of a Positional Trader. 50% of My trading...
  8. A

    AFL changes -- please help

    Hi Seniors, Please help me make changes to the below afl. I am looking for (image attached): 1. The latest pivots encircled in Yellow color plot as hard lines. 2. The previous to latest encircled in Green color plotted as dashed lines. Please help. To my understanding these pivots...
  9. Cubt

    Nifty Positional Trading - Super Trend Indicator

    Guys, with regards to my old thread about Swing Trading system for Nifty, there were many major flaws hence decided to quit that system and continue with my old system that am familiar with. I have back tested it with 6 years of data from 2008 to 2013 October. System Methodology: Using Super...
  10. S


    Hi I want to earn Rs.15,000/Month from 1 lot nifty. My aim is to make 15 points/day. Is there any way to make 15 points per day? Can you help me for achieving this target ? Which strategy is best for me? I have 1 lakh rupees in my account. Help will be much appreciated Regards...
  11. M

    GANN trading on futures.... good results....

    Hello everyone, I went through some posts on traderji about gann trading. I paper traded for a week with sbi and nifty futures and thought to give it a try realtime, so i started out with nifty, i had fair amount of success with it along with some bad days. What i did was, i took closing of...
  12. A

    Newbie needs advice in Nifty Futures trading

    Hello all, I am a rookie in nifty futures trading and right now I am trading with angel broking. They called me for nifty F & O but I lost 15k already in Nifty Options due to their wrong calls. Now I want to trade in Nifty Futures on my own. So I request you to please suggest me on the...
  13. S

    Trading in Future based in Options price..

    Hi Experts, Is it a good idea to trade in Futures based on Options price in two different months. For eg: CNXBAN CE 12000 June is at Rs 13 now. CNXBAN CE 12000 July is at Rs 130 now. Doesn't it imply that people expect CNXBAN to go up by July expiry. So, will it be safe to buy CNXBAN...
  14. S

    S&P rates India negative

    S&P just rated India bbb-. This is just above junk bond status. Can anyone tell me the impact of this on nifty on Monday.
  15. L

    Need an afl file for nifty futures

    hi friends can any one post any afl file for NIFTY & BANK NIFTY futures for intraday as well as SHORT TERM POSITIONAL TRADES... i would be great full if any of you all friends can suggest me an afl with min success rate of 60-70% Thank you
  16. L

    Day trading fraud ?

    i read it somewhere that you can't make money trading intraday, and now I am beginning to believe that there is something/someone controlling the market so day trading can't be profitable. I am using zerodha Trader and two ISPs BSNL and IDEA and something very peculiar happens when market moves...
  17. E

    Help required for backtesting of nifty future

    Dear sir I want to test nifty future in amibroker back-testing(back-tester setting). I want to know as what setting should be done for nifty future or any other future lots. EXAMPLE : share Rate Margin % total margin...
  18. R

    Margin required to buy 10 lots of nifty options

    What is the margin required to buy 10 lots of nifty options when 5800 PE is at 53? And the same to sell at 55? Can I buy CALL & PUT at Strike Price 5800? Can I buy CALL & PUT at Strike Price 5900?
  19. P

    TrackNifty Expiry Forecast

    Hi, I have developed a formula for expiry forecast. And daily I will post it here. This formula finds where Nifty future is likely to expire and compares it to latest close of Nifty future.
  20. S

    Slowly but Surely

    Hi everybody I'm Sid,Been trading from 2008 onwards. First two years of trading total learning process.Didn't know anything just opened an account with share khan and just jumped in with a dream of making lots of money real quick and solving all my problems and becoming a millionaire in no...