1. A

    Nifty Support n Resistance

    Spot Nifty for 07/11/08 Below 2920 ... 2863, 2828, 2772 Above 2920 ... 2976, 3011, 3068
  2. J

    Historical PEs of nifty companies and my indications

    Historical PEs of nifty companies and indications HI all, I am attaching the historical PE values of Nifty companies herewith. The PEs are compared with the current levels for screening of possible investment options based on the following assumptions. 1. I have looked into nifty...
  3. Sunil

    Options Trading Strategies

    Nifty Options are slowly catching up with Nifty Futures in terms of participation interest. Especially in times where taking any directional trading call is becoming increasingly difficult & volatility has become order of the day, options (with its risk : return profile) can come quite handy to...
  4. A

    Minimum brokerage for high volume Intraday NIFTY futures trading

    Can anyone give ballpark brokerage figures for high volume NIFTY intraday trading? Let us say we consider following slabs: 1 Cr/day 5 Cr/day 10 Cr/day 20 Cr/day This is intraday trading, that is you are flat at the end of the day, so if some brokers allow lower brokerage for...
  5. T

    Nifty Technical Analysis

    Hi Friends, i trade just nifty for intraday and positional basis, i will be updating some technical levels in this thread of mine. hope it helps u ion trading as well. Nifty made a bottom on friday, and will move up now. see the chart carefully, Nifty will move up to the black line that...
  6. J

    Start off Fundamental Analysis - Here is Quarterly EPS of Nifty Stocks

    Hi all, I have been looking for a source to find good data for fundamental analysis all along but failed. bits and pieces of information everywhere. To start with I, (with support of my wife) have compiled the quartely EPS of nifty shares. I am attaching that herewith for any one who...
  7. K

    Study of nifty based on elliot wave principle

    Hiee friends, As most of you know elliot wave is one of the most important tool in analyzing stock indices. Currently I am trying to figure out nifty's position based on elliot wave principle and I need your help regarding the same. Nifty started its upward movement in May 2003. The first...