1. R

    Sep 24 NIFTY

    Hi, I am new to Traderji and this is my first post. I have been investing in stocks and MFs for awhile now. Derivatives is my recent venture. My portfolio is diversified through equity, equity MF, Debt MF, Liquid MF and now I have set aside some amount for options and futures trading. In...
  2. dipaarti

    Nifty Positional System - Using Intrady Charts

    Hello Friends!! I am new to forum and since I want to share what I have, what I like & how I trade with all the legendary & fellow members. I am into technical trading since last 1 year and learnt almost everything reading books and surfing forums containing technical analysis and systems...
  3. sumitdasjoshi

    nifty softwear

    hy guy can you tell me which nifty softwear is good for me as i doing paper treadingi was trying to stall ambibroker but its not working i have anther question as well i apply for a demat acount for treading in equty if i want to tread in nifty i have to open anther treading acount or what pls...
  4. sumitdasjoshi

    thank for suport and knowleadge

    helo freands you know i am new hera and i have no experiance in treading also i will start treading soon that s why i am paprer treading now and i am looking forwed to learn something or i can say everything which you wana teach me as i know i will interact with lots of person how i think will...
  5. M

    Predicting Market direction

    Hi Guys, I am starting this new thread to share everyones view on market based on both fundamentals and technical parameters. As knowing the direction of broad index is very imp to trade even in individual stocks, I know this thread will be useful to all of us. So keep posting your view for...
  6. thedivine

    help in nifty options

    Hello, I am new to trading & stuff...I have followed Saint's post It has helped greatly.... I am looking to start trading in Nifty options/futures Which can be more easy to start with in terms of capital... can any one give me some steps as to how can i do this All help from seniors...
  7. A

    Nifty Futures-5 Min Pivot Method-Live Discussion

    Hello All fellow Traders I am opening this new thread for the Live Discussion of the 5 Min Pivot Method as proposed by our dear friend Rajendrani. The method is detailed and bfully explained at the following page and subsequent ones...
  8. R

    Long Term Nifty Options 2010/11 expiry

    Dear friends, Is anyone here buying or selling the 2010 and 2011 Nifty options? If you do - two questions for you. 1. Which brokerage are you using? I can't find anyone other than Geojit letting me buy/sell these options. 2. Do you have any idea how the margin is calculated? I would be...
  9. aravinthrajm

    Today's nifty levels - aravinth raj m

    Dear visitors, I am posting this new thread for the day traders who do Nifty Futures. Please feel free to post your replies and we can keep this thread growing. NIFTY FUTURE LEVELS FOR 19.05.2009 4268 above 4350-4483-4593-4633-4848-5000. 4267 below 4117-4028-3969-3951-3902-3837-3760...
  10. aravinthrajm

    Nifty future levels for 18.05.2009

    Nifty Future resistnaces for the day - 3727-3760-3820-3840-3950-3970 Supports for the day - 3640-3570-3520-3450-3380-3340 Wild day... Trade safely
  11. S

    stock picks

    hi friends pl give any idea for market moves till election results
  12. theonedevil

    Hi all good people on this forum...(Please Help me)

    Hi all good people on this forum...(Please Help me) I am a new person to trading...and I lost a sum of Rs. 80,000 in just few days. Earlier I lost around 6,000 but in attempt to recover my money from the market. I lost around 80,000 now. (I was, and I am short on Nifty Future...currently...
  13. R

    Trend and Trading Calls

    Trend for Monday - down Trades - 1. sell nifty at open tgt 2730 2. Sell at open - Mar Calls of DLF 170 and ICICI 320, buy back at half rate 3. Buy puts at open - JPA 80, nifty 2800
  14. I

    EMA Trading Technology - For Intraday Or Swing Trades

    Folks, Today, I want to discuss a trading technique that may be of interest of fellow traders. I have created and published an auto End of Day analysis of Nifty and its component stocks. The auto-analysis is available every trading day after 8 PM. Take note of the 5 and 20 EMA levels for the...
  15. Ganesh543

    What is the full form of BSE Index -> HC,CG,CD ?

    Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? I mean your favourite intraday stocks ..... Thanks Ganesh
  16. D

    Nifty nothing to Do but to Dip

    Why Nifty to dip? The reasons are: 1. On 11th Feb 09, appearence of Hanging Man followed by confirmation sign of downtrend when nifty closed below the real body of Hanging man on 12 Feb 09. 2. Buy on rumours and sell on news funda will be completed after Interim Budget tabled on. 3...
  17. I

    A blog with free resources to trade Nifty Future

    Friends, I have created a blog named This blog is completely free and full of recources for Nifty Future traders. I have tried to collate most of the free resources available and put them in one single site. The blog has live quotes of all 50 Nifty...
  18. N

    Nifty futures support & resistances

    31-12-08 p=2959 td=2939 1s=2919 2s=2859 1r=3019 2r=3059 :D:D:D:D
  19. A

    Nifty Support n Resistance

    Spot Nifty for 07/11/08 Below 2920 ... 2863, 2828, 2772 Above 2920 ... 2976, 3011, 3068
  20. J

    Historical PEs of nifty companies and my indications

    Historical PEs of nifty companies and indications HI all, I am attaching the historical PE values of Nifty companies herewith. The PEs are compared with the current levels for screening of possible investment options based on the following assumptions. 1. I have looked into nifty...