1. F

    Nifty Feb. series FNO trade

    Hello Seniors and Experts please guide me to how to do , eagerly expecting your valuble replies. I am trying to set one safe and sure gains in one trade per month, buying feb fut and selling 8400 ce 1 lot , buying 1 lot 8400 pe and selling 2 lots 8200 will give 168 pts till nifty 8200 (all...
  2. Tuna

    Nifty 2017

    Hi All, This is a yearly thread (Jan - Dec 2017). I am discontinuing my earlier Nifty thread as I am trying to bring in some pattern to my postings on Nifty. On this thread, I will post: My View on Nifty for Next week. This post will be done on weekend, with charts. There will be no calls or...
  3. P

    Long term secular bull market

    Today, we think Nifty is expensive. But the reality is that India is at the cusp of a long term secular bull market, based on solid foundations. Obviously, the most important thing to sustain a bull market is earnings growth. And Indian equities will see earnings growth at a level that will...
  4. jamit_05

    Index Investing in Nifty 50

    Index Investing is all about investing in an Index. I choose Nifty 50 for the purpose. This thread will mostly be about managing a portfolio, and less about "discovering" companies. My expectations in Index Investing in Nifty are that, once diversified enough (which may take over a year), the...
  5. Scalper

    Day Trading Crude & Nifty using SuperTrend

    Hello Traders, I am an small trader who traded some time back and lost some money. Due to family business work I quit. Now I have time to trade so I decided to start trading. I am starting this thread as a trading diary to improve my trading by taking suggestions from seniors. I decided to...
  6. C

    MaxPain calculation in Excel

    Hi All, I like to know that How can I calculate Nifty Max Pain in excel from below link :- any help or guide is very HelpFull for me...
  7. M

    Any ideas on Copytrading Experts...?

    Hi all Does anyone have experience on copytrading services offered by Forex Brokers. If their claim is genuine,it seems like autotrading most Profitable Trades from Experts.. I've seen many Overseas Forex Brokers offering this service,but not anyone fromIndian Markets
  8. B

    Live Trading Journal - Nifty Futures

    Hello, I am essentially a swing trader staying in the market anywhere between a few hours to a few days (not more than 5). I trade index, equities and forex. I trade using S/R coupled with price action. I will post my nifty trader as I take them. Your views are welcome. Hope to have some good...
  9. C

    Day Trade with DPs and Ranges

    Hello All ! I day trade mainly in Nifty Future & Options and sometimes in stocks and commodities. I have been in trading for more than 10 years. I started with investing, then swing trading and now day trading. To day trade, I use the trading system called "Decision Point Trading System." It...
  10. M

    Trading Plans.....Open to All

    Hi all This Thread is a part of my attempt to share my Trading Plans for coming days. My Trade Plans are not just based on Intuition,but strictly based on Technical Analysis based on a combination approach of GannAngles, PivotPoints and Fibbonacci ratios. Although i am able to Analyse any...
  11. P

    The new legs of this Rally

    Day before yesterday, IT pushed the market high. Yesterday it was Metals. Today it is Banks that are strong. The million rupee question is - are there fresh legs for this rally? Can something take the market higher from here. I believe tomorrow's results from Reliance should more than...
  12. R

    Simple Query on Option writing

    Dear all Please clarify my simple query regarding option writing. Please consider the following eg: I feel that the market is trending upwards and hence I do the below trade for April-16 expiry Sell one Nifty PE 7750 at 50 with spot Nifty at approx 7850. Please correct me if the below...
  13. P

    NIFTY 50 Today

    Where do you see Nifty 50 Today? Please give your rational. I believe Nifty should be weak in near term as it is still trading at 21 PE so some more correction is more probable.
  14. r.amvarman

    Pure play psar for nf and bnf.

    Hello all, I tried Backtesting PSAR (0.02,0.2) for below inputs. 1.NIFTY 2 Hrs.(Profit 85%, largest profit 500, largest loss 75) 2.BNF 4 hrs. (profit 67% largest profit -1758, largest loss-638) It gave me very good result for 120 days (using Pi - I dont have Amibroker to test beyond 120...
  15. S

    Tomorrow Nifty open position

    Tomorrow Nifty open position 12/08/2015 Open Below -8506.43 open Above -8454.80 Tomorrow bank Nifty open position 12/08/2015 Open Below -18759.55 open Above -18593.00
  16. S

    Tomorrow Nifty open position

    Tomorrow Nifty open position 11/08/2015 Open Below -8563.48 open Above -8516.92 Tomorrow bankNifty open position 11/08/2015 Open Below -18985.42 open Above -18847.49
  17. R

    Nifty vs Nifty Futures

    Hello, Nifty Spot or Nifty Futures is better for doing technical analysis Thanks
  18. B

    Does Stocks follow nifty's movement or vice versa?

    I have noticed that a stock near its resistance started moving up just because index(nifty) was also gaining. So, to avoid any confusion in my trading, i want to know upto what extent we can rely on nifty's movement for predicting stock movement.
  19. P

    Elliott Wave Analysis of NIFTY spot

    Hi, Firstly, thanks to the admin, moderators and owners of this forum to provide a place where trading is being discussed so neatly and in a varied fashion. I am a newbie to trading world, per se. I traded based on my broker’s calls back in 2011. Made handsome profits and then went to...
  20. B

    How much volume shall be considered good in NSE Nifty?

    I am a beginner and want to know a very important aspect of a stock i.e. volume. I see stocks with varied volumes. How much Volume can be considered for a stock to be healthy and safe?