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Hello Traders,

Its been quite a long time ascertaining and finalizing writing a Trading Diary. Had been writing it in a book since a month and after quite a good success, decided to post my own thread with my own trading.

By Nature, I am a more of a Positional Trader. 50% of My trading quantities I hold based on Positional (Hold till weekly and monthly charts are in tandem) and 50% quantities I trade on weekly basis (Monday to Friday).

I follow a unique trading system, developed by a Himanshu Shaah of Shiksha For the Market. He himself lost a quite a good amount of money in initial stage of his trading in Harshad Mehta time. After careful examination, he decided to formulate a trading system which is based on scientific rules using Fibonachi and wave theory. He worked 7 years on system and started teaching the system to others under brand name "Shiksha for the Market". It's been 17 years since he is with system, upgrading and updating it regularly.

I will be sharing my positional views based on system here and your comments, queries and suggestions are most welcome.
Date : 30/10/2013.

Current Monthly Trend : Uptrend
Lag of the Trend : Uptrend Continues (Until Trades below Spot 5757)

Weekly Tone : Downtrend
Lag of the Trend : Pull Back Buy

Weekly Trend Reversal to Uptrend Above : Spot 6255.
Weekly Pull Back Buy Completes and Original Downtrend Begins Below : Spot 6143

Positions :

Carry Over - Long with Stop Loss of Spot 6075
Weekly Trading - NIL

Intraday : Look only for buying opportunities til Prices trade above spot 6143.

NOTE : This Month is about to end, so there wont be any significant moves based on system. However as new month begins, we will get trading opportunities.
NOVEMBER - 2013.


WEEKLY ( 04/11/2013 TO 08/11/2013)

LAG OF TREND : CORRECTION SELL (Till Prices Trade below 6315)

November Month is just begun. In Current week, Since Month is Still trading in Restricted Range (RR) We have No Clear View on "Lag of Trend" of Month Charts, so no Weekly Trade is available.

Weekly, today opened with a Correction Sell in an Uptrend. Expect this correction to extend till level of 6170-6150. Further, In case this levels are not achieved and Prices manage to Trade above 6315, Consider that correction is completed and original uptrend begins in weekly time frame with minimum projected target of 6380 and more.

Intraday trader will look only for selling opportunities till prices are trading below 6315. Further selling nearer to target levels of 6170-6150 shall be avoided.

Weekly Correction Lag of an Uptrend is pushing prices nearer to important levels of 6170-6150. At suggested earlier, one should avoid creating fresh selling positions nearer to 6170-6150 levels and should close shorts, if any. Further today Monthly Charts also entered in to Correction Lag of an Uptrend, however tommorrow is the last day of week so we are avoiding any positional trade.


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