Newbie needs advice in Nifty Futures trading

Hello all,

I am a rookie in nifty futures trading and right now I am trading with angel broking.

They called me for nifty F & O but I lost 15k already in Nifty Options due to their wrong calls. Now I want to trade in Nifty Futures on my own. So I request you to please suggest me on the following ::

1) Is it actually possible to trade in Nifty futures on my own and earn some profits or I have to depend on angel broking for this?

2) Please suggest the minimum amount required to trade in Nifty Futures at this point (Buy price - 5587)
Please advice how I can calculate the lots, profit/loss.

3) Also please give me some basics rules for nifty futures trading. Or, is there is any source from where I can learn these basics? Any book or website? :confused:

Many Thanks in advance.


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Learn to trade cash first. The market isnt an over night get rich scheme. Your taking calls for F&O. First learn how to ride a bicycle then go on to a superbike.
I lost 15k already in Nifty Options due to their wrong calls
Options are not a good idea to make money especially by buying. Of course they could be used to profit during the results season when taking up positions by Futures or in cash market is too dangerous.

Learn about the markets first and then cash market. Options and Futures are about leveraged play. It works both ways.


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