Slowly but Surely

Hi everybody I'm Sid,Been trading from 2008 onwards.
First two years of trading total learning process.Didn't know anything just opened an account with share khan and just jumped in with a dream of making lots of money real quick and solving all my problems and becoming a millionaire in no time at all.2008 to 2010 made lots of mistakes and traded with high amounts of quantities to cover up my the end of 2010 i was down almost 10 lacks.This is the time i got hit badly cause I'm an independent guy with no financial back up(lost my dad early in 2004) and had lost all my savings.i am a huge spender and like to live the lavish lifestyle like to party everything.Now i was screwed cause i didn't have any money left and all the savings my mom had done was in fixed deposits(good thing)so i couldn't have access to it.the fd's were giving us sufficient money on a monthly basis which is more than a lack every month,so our livelihood was covered and i didn't have any pressure or responsibilities to make money every month and had the freedom to still take my own time about what i wanna do with my life.I am very principled and so i didn't ask my mom for any money for expenses and at this time i still remember my last trade i had about 40 or 50k in my trading a/c and was in do or die mode so i placed it all on a nifty option on expiry
day hoping to double it,but...BOOM...all gone and left with zero in my a/c.
Now i was totally f****d,i didn't have any money to trade.forget trade i didn't have money to buy myself anything..literally zero money.thankfully had a good girlfriend who was sponsoring me for a couple of days stuff like cigarettes etc.and then she couldn't afford me either so had to break up with her...just kidding.Anyways this is the time i was looking for other options in my life but before that needed a break and wanted to get away from all these thoughts of money and losses etc so did the thing that breaks my heart till today..SOLD MY about 4.5 lacks from it..Went to Goa for a month smashed about 1.5lk,partied hard as much as possible cause i knew that after all this its all serious business in life where i have to prove my self etc etc.Came bk home and was looking for opportunities..Got lot of opportunities and did a lot of things,but was not happy or satisfied with anything even though i was making good money.Every time i would watch cnbc tv18 i would look at all the prices and quotes and feel that..Man i think i can do it,cause i am very passionate about the markets and just love it.I also couldn't accept defeat so least if i had given it my all then i would be satisfied and agreed that i suck at trading but there were still soo many strategies and ideas in my head that i wanted to check out and see if they work.anyways went through all these phases in my head and at last i decided to hell with it I WANT TO BE A TRADER.So got all boosted up and had funds of around 5lks and entered into the markets..Made some good trades and some bad ones for the next year..learn t a lot read a lot did my own research and made my own charts and graphs and excel sheets,doing my own analysis etc.Worked really hard at it and after which i understood that trading in the markets is not about making money for example 1 lack in one day and then losing money for the rest of the days cause its not like a lottery that u win,its a business and a good business man makes money everyday for the rest of his life so instead of concentrating on making 1 lack in one day i concentrated on making for example 5000 in one day.Will continue later
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