GANN trading on futures.... good results....

Hello everyone, I went through some posts on traderji about gann trading. I paper traded for a week with sbi and nifty futures and thought to give it a try realtime, so i started out with nifty, i had fair amount of success with it along with some bad days.

What i did was, i took closing of the 9:30 candle, and took gann recommendations from that price. i added +/- 2 to the real signal before entering into trade, if S/L is hit i traded in the opposite direction.

I always bought 2 lots, sold the 1st one at tg1 and used TSL with +15 each time tg is hit.

Is there anyone who have tried this gann strategy? There are a few problems i faced, there were a few days when both sides S/L was hit, i took another gann recommendations on 2nd S/L and traded again. I wonder if there is any other method to deal with such situation? Please suggest, if any.

Another one is that, tg1 is hit normally, S/L and tg1 are the same. So the risk return ratio is 1:1, and the days when both S/L are hit, it takes away alot of profit. So also suggest on this issue also.

If anyone is interested in back testing this strategy, using some variations and on other futures, we can do it together on this thread. Thank you.



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Hi Manmeet
If you are looking for gann then visit this thread of TJ.
Its our bad luck that the author of this thread has left traderji because of some craps.No doubt her recommendations are perfect. Even today DK has given long calls for SBIN, PNB, YESBANK in her blog and all the scripts have given due respect to the levels mentioned.
You must try if you are serious about Gann but remember her calls are for positional trading.
Hey justy, Thanks for your reply... i checked out the post... my style is different i dont use gann angles, but i use Gann square of 9 calculator....

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