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Always loved to share , how and what I prepare for next day. Hopefully I can bring value to our community. Here I will be sharing my findings on charts.I have been trading for over a decade and it is what I chose as my profession. Trading has never been about making money, it's always been about understanding the market - through price itself. So I urge you all to criticise and contribute my charts and executions.

As for the beginning, let me tell you one thing. There is no holy grail and there is no secret sauce to win every trades. Im trying to be completely transparent here. My setups and charts are purely based on price action only.

In the mean time , I would also share some notes and details about my charting setup. There are hundreds of guides and charts already available in our community. I am not trying to be different from them all. I always incorporate them all into my setup , to make them work for me. Once you get an edge ... You work on it. That's all.


Initially did a level breakdown, with a reversal pattern. But it failed and tap into more buy side liquidity . Now price has reversed and is able to close above a valid supply level. Will be watching HDFC for Monday tomorrow for buy side trade... As soon as we see the demand coming

Bharti Airtel was kind of violent in the last session.
Price was able to make both buy and sell side liquidity.
Now price is closed above a valid previous supply level. But since we saw both side liquidity being tested... We need more confirmations for entering a trade.
Price testing below it's current closing.. can make it weaker... And let it come down to the demand zone we draw at the bottom.

Apollo Hospital price action is almost a 80 degree move.
That may be because of the results expecting within couple of days. Event based trading is always risky, as price action levels often tend to be ineffective in those times. Then again ,we can expect a sharp reversal when price is going one sided.
Remember Apollo Hospital is rumoured to post a 20% profit growth in this quarter. We need to see a negativity for shorting..
Our pre market stock selection, behaving exactly as we anticipated. HDFC positive , Airtel and Apollo Hospital Negative.


Hope you are learning and earning.
I managed to sell Airtel only, as I was away from screen...and my levels on other two stocks are already moved . Lol


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I did the before and after charts, just to give you example of how we should anticipate price behaviour in advance.. and where we should take give importance for the trade execution. I may not provide chart details as we go , so that we can keep the thread concise and clear. And I am sure , you won't be needing my charts or my levels, once understand, when and where to look for intraday executions. Selecting very few stocks for next day for trading , gives us ample time analyse and watch. We don't want a cluster of stocks , which we may not know very well.

Three major things , I can point out before executing every intraday trades.

Usually this might be in the terms of , money management, psychology and technical analysis.

But I am here giving it a different perspective. We will talk about it's significance and power as we go...
1. Trading what you know.

2. Trading what you see.

3. Knowing your limitations as a retail trader.

These are three basic things , every trader must know. This is simplified rules and discipline of a trader , who wants to make trading ,a profession. Without sacrifices and dedication you will face more struggles as you go further.
we will talk about these three basic things to know soon....
1. Trading what you know

Usually traders know how to trade. It's just that they can't win it or atleast win it big. Recent RBI notification also suggests that, more than 80% traders are making losses. They do win... But not consistently. Why that happens... Even when you believe,you know how to trade ? Ironic ... Isn't it?

What about indicators ?

Traders often prepare their charts by plotting various indicators. But they have limited effectiveness due to the high number of false signals it can bring. Every financial Market consist of three seasons. Bull , Bear and Flat. Despite experimenting with various indicators, I still haven't had success with a system of indicators, that provides consistent results in all market seasons.

How about using a hardcore software and a proprietary script to generate signals ?

On the sales pitches and demo reviews, they work wonderful. But realtime trading is another story. Overly complicated systems often do more harm than good.

News , Social media and other forms of media ??

About a month prior , almost all of these 'news agencies' praised Adani Group for being top of the world. What if you invested heavily, just trusting the news ?? Trading based on news, events or even rumours (whether good or bad) is not a reliable strategy. If it were that simple, everyone would be making a fortune. Almost all the people who trade, read news.

Let us start from here. We trade from what all we know. From what the majority of traders know. Then how do you supposed to get an edge ?? How do you stop yourself following the herd.
Hopefully, our next segáment... 'Trading what you see ' can shed some light on that...
But right before going to ' Trading what you see segment ', let me share you a chart.
Let us grab what we see in the chart. Let us observe the price action happening.


The figure above is ' LIVE CHART ' of prism Johnson company.
This is naked chart , as no indicators or drawings applied. We haven't marked any relevant supply and demand zones.


This second figure is same LIVE CHART with zones marked out.
We can clearly see difference between two figures.
On the second one , we can anticipate the demand and supply zones.

We can understand that , price is currently trading within the DEMAND zones and expected to ride towards Supply zone.

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