INSIGHT- Platform for traders/investors following advisors.

Hello traders,

Imagine, how easy life would have been if the trade signal from your trusted advisor gets automatically placed in your trading account, just at the touch of a button !

INSIGHT platform is just the thing for traders and investors.

INSIGHT helps you follow your trusted advisor. When they share a trade signal with you, INSIGHT places the order in your trading account and manages it, once you confirm.

For Traders :
1. In intraday trading instantly getting in the trade position, as you get notification, has more chance of earning profits.
2. Never miss any trading opportunity due to your busy schedule.
3. Anxiety is a past thing. Traders like you can relax while INSIGHT keeps track of open positions.
4. A mobile phone is all you need to confirm the trade recommendations shared by your advisor.

For Investors :
1. With INSIGHT, an investor like you can purchase stocks at a great price, without being glued to stock tickers for whole day.
2. Manage your portfolio smartly by letting INSIGHT track your holdings.
3. Catch the rising star or jump the sinking ship, at the right moment and save your hard earned capital with INSIGHT.

Know more about INSIGHT at :


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