1. S

    Intraday Trading Using Open High Low

    I am trying to share something which is not new. Many people have already used this technqiue or are using currently. Its as simple as, When Open = High for any scrip, Buy the scrip. When Open = Low for any scrip, Sell the Scrip. Buying and Selling can be done at all levels till its low (when...
  2. Scalper

    Day Trading Crude & Nifty using SuperTrend

    Hello Traders, I am an small trader who traded some time back and lost some money. Due to family business work I quit. Now I have time to trade so I decided to start trading. I am starting this thread as a trading diary to improve my trading by taking suggestions from seniors. I decided to...
  3. pannet1

    How to buy or sell with minimum capital (No day trading)

    Hello Seniors, Is there any way to trade with minimum capital of 1 Lakh Rupees. Following are the conditions. 1) No compulsory intraday square off or within T+2 deadline 2) Can afford to Risk only 2% (Rs. 2000 / Trade). RR is 1:1. 3) Should be able to go short without actually having the...
  4. M

    Amibroker VS NinjaTrader

    Which of these is better, Amibroker or Ninja Trader. Many argue that NT dis better cause it's free. But let us, for a moment, assume that Amibroker is also free. Both softwares free. Which one would use and why? Regards
  5. N

    Guidance on scanners

    Dear traders, Can any body offer tips on stock scanners in India? Your views on: Amibroker, Ninjatrader...
  6. C

    Day Trade with DPs and Ranges

    Hello All ! I day trade mainly in Nifty Future & Options and sometimes in stocks and commodities. I have been in trading for more than 10 years. I started with investing, then swing trading and now day trading. To day trade, I use the trading system called "Decision Point Trading System." It...
  7. I

    What should be deemed as a fair profit percentage per day/per trade for an intraday

    What should be deemed as a fair profit percentage per day / per trade for an intraday trader. I will honestly tell you my case, If i stop trading after my first half percentage win, then I might be a winner everyday. But then I am still in learning mode and trying to increase my per day profit...
  8. wabuf

    Intraday Profit / Loss MGM

    Hi Traders .. I day trade equities and my problem is " Profit / Loss MGM " . usually 7 / 10 scripts my analysis is correct . I have a good entry strategy . The problem is when the stock falls or rises after my entry i exit too early (with just 1-2 pts) fearing that my profits would get eaten...
  9. S

    What is DIS (Market) Charges NSDL/CDSL

    Hi All, I am new to trading. I am using geogit's services. While looking at my account summary, I have been charged with Rs 25/- for two consecutive days ie on 21st and 22nd under the heading DIS (Market) Charges NSDL/CDSL From 21.03.2016-21.03.2016 and DIS (Market) Charges NSDL/CDSL From...
  10. P

    Hello to Everyone - Help to stop my loss

    Hi, I'm Prakaash... I have been trading for last 11 years, not continuously/full time. Whenever I get time to loss my hard earning money, will not miss those opportunities. :( But every time, I have reason to stop the trading. This is my 7th time to enter into the trading. I have done only...
  11. A

    Request Suggestion of best free IEOD downloader

    Hi, I am seeking opinions on the best software which can download 1-minute interval data from NSE and is free. The purpose is I want to download minute-by-minute data and feed it to amibroker so that I can look at minute charts at the end of day. Please suggest the best downloader which...
  12. A

    Need help on placing orders with execution price, target price and stop loss price

    I am planning to do intraday trading, Place order and forgot style since i am planning to follow systematic trade. Once I place the order, I am not going to modify it as long as the reason for entering the trade is not violated. For this I need to place order with price to buy/sell, target...
  13. K

    Straddle: What are the Loss in exiting the trade intraday?

    Hi, I could see that as delta diminishes, the break even points widen( and losses deepen :D ) on reaching expiry. So what if straddle is done intraday on the most volatile stocks of the day? I know this strategy if used at right times could be profitable. But I want to use it like...
  14. M

    Awesome Oscillator Review

    Hi Friends, I heard that Awesome Oscillator is a tool which could have great effect on your trading performance if you know how to use it. I believe there are several users might use since long time. Please share your experience/strategy with this tool for intraday trading. thanks...
  15. wabuf

    Intraday help !!

    hello evry 1 this is my first post on traderji :) i am wabuf :D , 23 yrs i do intraday trading and have icici demat account. I am looking for intraday real time charting software with 1 min time frame (no demat acc hassle). plz clarify my following doubts 1. chartnexus is eod...
  16. ajeetsingh


    Trading Suggestions for Intraday trades...... Intraday trades can be initiated using 1, 2 or at max 3 mins graph, using supports and resistances.... whenever I get time, will share own trades in mentioned stocks, at end of day (after market hours) Usually I take action in cash segment with...
  17. r.amvarman

    Pure play psar for nf and bnf.

    Hello all, I tried Backtesting PSAR (0.02,0.2) for below inputs. 1.NIFTY 2 Hrs.(Profit 85%, largest profit 500, largest loss 75) 2.BNF 4 hrs. (profit 67% largest profit -1758, largest loss-638) It gave me very good result for 120 days (using Pi - I dont have Amibroker to test beyond 120...
  18. I

    What are basic things that everyone should know before going in Intraday trading??

    Hii folks, Im new in intraday tradding. I invest In mutual fund through SIP. What are the basic things that everyone should know before begin with Intraday trading??
  19. F

    HDFC Securities: Intraday charts

    Are intraday charts using candlesticks & durations of 15,20, 30 minutes provided on HDFC Securities trading platform? If yes, could anyone kindly post a screenshot or two? Thanks.
  20. A

    intraday parameters

    Pl advice the parameters for the below technical indicator for intraday 5 min graft for NIFTY FUTURE, MACD MFI ROC RSI SlowStoch FastStoch