1. tradefinder

    Intraday - Camarilla Levels - NSE Stock Futures

    Hi Friends, I would like to share today's results of Intraday based on Camarilla. Today, I took following Intraday NSE Futures trades purely based on camarilla and all successful. Please let me know if you have any queries on this. Past performance is also very good. Thanks.
  2. tradefinder

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Friends, I have been trading based on technical and charts. I mostly do Intraday based on Camarilla. I am happy to be a part of traderji. Thanks. Nitin
  3. *Trader*

    Crude Trading to Earn 100 % in a Year

    Hello Friends After Watching Charts and Learning some technical I prepared my self a trading strategy. I forward tested this strategy for 3 months and get good returns. I decided to start trading this strategy from today. My goal is to earn 100 % returns per year. I regularly update this thread...
  4. P

    Zerodha call-and-trade charge of Rs 20 on MIS/BO/CO (intraday) orders

    Zerodha now charges (20/- + taxes) on every intraday position that is not squared off before 3.20pm. Their system auto squares off each open position, and they charge 20/- per order. Here is the link with full details: Now this is the first...
  5. C

    Why trading is not for me...

    Hi Guys! This is Chaudhary from Delhi. I wanted to run by a little hypothesis by you knowledgeable folks. So, I have been recently bitten by the trading bug and decided to invest my savings in the share market, actually all my savings, right down to the last penny. I bet most of you have...
  6. A

    Gann vibration system

    Helo... Greetings.... to all forum members, traders, technical analysts. I'm new to the forum and not to the subject of Technical Analysis. I am a job holder by profession in Hyderabad and having passion towards the stock market. That drives me to explore the subject of Technical...
  7. R

    I'm Robinsh, a Newbie Trader ..

    Hello dear investors & traders, My name is Robinsh Kumar, a 25 year old boy from Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) India and I do blogging about blogging and making money online along with some web based projects. Now I'm trying to learn about day trading in Equities & Currencies through my one...
  8. B

    Does Zerodha Offer BTST and STBT?

    Hi, Does Zerodha Offer BTST and STBT? Please Give me Btst Scrip List
  9. R

    Any free intraday commodities strategies?

    Please post links to FREE intraday commodities strategies: http .html (70% success rate strategy) https strategy/
  10. V

    Any proven formula for Intraday

    Hi Members at Traderji I have been doing trading in equity stocks last 6 years. i have made money as well lost, net result is few thousand plus. Anybody can suggest, the best intraday practic resulting in minimum loss Thanks in advance VENKAT
  11. justliving

    Day Trading Stocks

    Hello Traders, I am new to stock market and observing from last few months. As time is allowing for me want to try day trading. After did some research I got one simple strategy which may be already discussed in Traderji. I am observing as per the strategy from last few days and it's looks...
  12. A

    Which one is the best strategy in the market?

    Can anyone suggest or start discussion about best strategy in the stock market? I am talking about Intraday , BTST or Delivery . Intraday- Same day clear your position BTST - Buy today sell tomorrow Delivery - Hold stock for long term
  13. S

    Intraday Trading Using Open High Low

    I am trying to share something which is not new. Many people have already used this technqiue or are using currently. Its as simple as, When Open = High for any scrip, Buy the scrip. When Open = Low for any scrip, Sell the Scrip. Buying and Selling can be done at all levels till its low (when...
  14. Scalper

    Day Trading Crude & Nifty using SuperTrend

    Hello Traders, I am an small trader who traded some time back and lost some money. Due to family business work I quit. Now I have time to trade so I decided to start trading. I am starting this thread as a trading diary to improve my trading by taking suggestions from seniors. I decided to...
  15. pannet1

    How to buy or sell with minimum capital (No day trading)

    Hello Seniors, Is there any way to trade with minimum capital of 1 Lakh Rupees. Following are the conditions. 1) No compulsory intraday square off or within T+2 deadline 2) Can afford to Risk only 2% (Rs. 2000 / Trade). RR is 1:1. 3) Should be able to go short without actually having the...
  16. M

    Amibroker VS NinjaTrader

    Which of these is better, Amibroker or Ninja Trader. Many argue that NT dis better cause it's free. But let us, for a moment, assume that Amibroker is also free. Both softwares free. Which one would use and why? Regards
  17. N

    Guidance on scanners

    Dear traders, Can any body offer tips on stock scanners in India? Your views on: Amibroker, Ninjatrader...
  18. C

    Day Trade with DPs and Ranges

    Hello All ! I day trade mainly in Nifty Future & Options and sometimes in stocks and commodities. I have been in trading for more than 10 years. I started with investing, then swing trading and now day trading. To day trade, I use the trading system called "Decision Point Trading System." It...
  19. I

    What should be deemed as a fair profit percentage per day/per trade for an intraday

    What should be deemed as a fair profit percentage per day / per trade for an intraday trader. I will honestly tell you my case, If i stop trading after my first half percentage win, then I might be a winner everyday. But then I am still in learning mode and trying to increase my per day profit...
  20. wabuf

    Intraday Profit / Loss MGM

    Hi Traders .. I day trade equities and my problem is " Profit / Loss MGM " . usually 7 / 10 scripts my analysis is correct . I have a good entry strategy . The problem is when the stock falls or rises after my entry i exit too early (with just 1-2 pts) fearing that my profits would get eaten...