1. C

    New Android App for MCX prices

    A friend has created a nice android app to keep track of commodity prices on MCX. I love the spread tracking feature. Check it out. Commodity Pulse Download Copied and pasted from google play:
  2. T

    Commodities trading hours for World markets like LME and CME

    Hi, I am trading in stocks for 4 yrs, but recently started trading in commodities..Can someone help me with the trading hours in various world commodity markets? their opening and closing. I am getting confused with what i saw in the websites for LME and CME.. Really appreciate your help.
  3. R

    Hello Traders/Investors

    Hello to all, I want to invest/trade for earning. I started with one of my friends on commodity trading and I am confused by the stats and details he gives me on. But however I have learnt something from him on commodity trade as he too is new on this trade. Can you give me some guidance on...
  4. S

    Commodities Today News App

    For everything related to Commodities, I prefer Commodities Today News App This App is well rated on the AppStore and is a great one-stop App for Commodity markets news and analysis. CT pulls breaking news and...
  5. cpresearcher

    E/CTRM Software

    The CTRM Conference Series for 2012 builds on the success of 2011, in which events in Prague and Houston attracted more than 250 industry professionals and received highly favorable reviews. This year, the CTRM Conference will be hosted in London, England, and Houston, Texas. The two-day event...
  6. P

    Looking to engage with analysts & market wathchers

    Greetings to all Looking to engage with analysits & market watchers , mainly commodities (Crude, Copper, Zinc) & soft . Would like to learn on deploying strategies for risk aversion and hedging. Regards
  7. M

    A Trading Learner's Diary

    Am starting this thread where I will be logging my daily learnings at the end of the day... This is to ensure that I am disciplining myself (daily self study) as well as helping anyone else who may be floating around in the same boat as I am - understand finance, have been investing but when it...
  8. M

    A 'Trading' Learners Diary

    Am starting this thread where I will be logging my daily learnings at the end of the day. This is to ensure that I am disciplining myself daily self study) as well as helping anyone else who may be floating around in the same boat as I am - understand finance, have been investing but when it...
  9. I

    Failure to close commodity contract before expiry date

    What are the options available to me if i fail to close the commodities contract before the expiry date? Is there any option whereby i can avoid taking delivery of the commodity? :sos:
  10. S

    Spandex Market Price Report

    Spandex Market Prices from 15-30, Sept 2011 In the last fortnight, Spandex market sentiment remained stable. In the beginning of the first half of the last fortnight, spandex sellers adopted firm stance of wait and watch as buying enthusiasm weakened. On other hand, buyers awaited for clear...
  11. B

    Predicting gold price movement at mcx by watching price at international market..

    I am new to the commodity market. is it true that price movement of gold/silver in international market has an effect at mcx gold/silver price movement??? If yes where to watch the price of gold/silver at international market?? Will it be a good idea to predict the price movement at mcx...
  12. Mietesh

    Leart A Lot In Few Days - IGURU is GREAT.

    Dear Fellow Bloggers, I am Equity & Commodity Trader from GUJARAT. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I want to share my experience of TRADERJI to which i visited first time just Three Weeks back. Then I left this platform, feeling its not so good. But again when i visited TRADERJI in First week...
  13. A


    hi everyone:), i trade in commodity with odin but now i cannot login to my account as my odin is showing error 10054(recievestream).i tried all re-installing the software,tried it on another computer.but, nothing helped.can anyone suggest anything:(. computer details:--...
  14. S

    Demat Agri Commodity Stocks

    Hello I am looking to buy a big amount of an agri commodity financed by Warehouse Finance Schemes of various banks, on a regular basis. However, the purchase is going to be in another state and shall be warehoused there. I am interested in depositing the same immediately with the delivery...
  15. A

    help needed for commodity

    hi everybody:),i am a new trader in commodity,i wanted to ask what is hedging of positions in mcx.i have heard by hedging we can stop our loses is it like if i buy copper at 353 and it goes to 345 and further down and i want to hold then i can stop my loses by hedging and the market will not...
  16. J

    Software for connodity trading...

    Hii all, Does any one knows any good software which gives us technical support on buy and sell in commodity Items... If so please give me the details on that... Also if having time please tell me your experience with that software too... Thanks in advance.... Suji
  17. P

    MCX EOD and 1 minute data and Amibroker database

    Dear Friends, I have started a website with the objective of sharing the MCX commodity data I use for my Amibroker. I am providing EOD, 1 minute data as well as a copy of my Amibroker database. The website is in an infant stage as I have only listed...
  18. R

    Predicting Stock Market / Commodity using Technical and Financial Astrology.

    Hi All, I am specialized for Intraday & Long calls giving in Equity, F & O, and Commodities. If you need suggestion for any specific stock, Please post your query.
  19. A

    Free Commodity analysing softwares.....

    hi friends i m in search for free commodity softwares so plz help me out......i m searching on net for last many days but want able to find any........if any of u have information plz post here so that all the the frds who visit these post will get help. Plz with the names of softwares plz...