1. R

    Which commodity is best for trading?

    Commodities are the fundamental materials used to create other goods traded in the global economy. They can be broadly classified into two categories – hard and soft commodities. Hard commodities are usually natural resources and include metals, energy commodities, etc. Soft commodities are...
  2. ritika1124

    What are some intraday stratergies

    I am new in world of trading, kindly help me in this regard
  3. A

    Looking Algo Automated Trading Software to purchase for Commodity Future Segment.

    Dear Team, Looking Algo Automated Trading Software to purchase for Commodity Future Segment. I was searching a Algo software which will help me to make automated trading on MCX Commodity Future Segment. I got to know about you from Internet. I would like to know more about your software so that...
  4. R

    Any free intraday commodities strategies?

    Please post links to FREE intraday commodities strategies: http .html (70% success rate strategy) https strategy/
  5. M

    Crude oil help

    Hi all, Could you please let me know any strategy to trade in Crude oil Mini. thanks, Mullangi
  6. pannet1

    My Bank Nifty Options trading diary

    Hi, I started to trade Options this month with Kotak Securities. Capital: Rs 30,000 System: Vertical Spread based on Break out of underlying on Weekly Timeframe. Instrument: Bank Nifty and any other that fits within the Capital Previous experience: Currency and Commodity Note: Reason...
  7. Y

    Procon Advisory Trading Experience

    Hi, Started trading with Procon Advisory in commodties with fixed brokerage 1000 p.m. I tried it till now working good for scalping
  8. H

    Need nifty charts for past 5 or 10 years

    Senior members help me. where can I find nifty charts for past 5 to 10 years. I need access to nifty charts for any particular day, with open close time, high low information. 1. Is there any free website or free software from where I can get this information? 2. Otherwise, if there any paid...
  9. M

    my silver trading strategy & results

    hi traders , i am madan from ap. i have a strategy on silver & it's my own. i want to share my experience on day trading today onwards. i will update my daily trading results (profit / loss) please share your experience on commodity trading.
  10. N

    Commodity trading basics

    Hello friends, I am new to commodity trading. I want to know these things in commodities trading: 1 Which is the best broker for commodity trading(Least brokerage). 2. I am planning to do atleast 20 trades per day. I am planning to do only intraday trading, so would the monthly...
  11. rebeck10

    Is silver worth a buy now ?

    Hi members, require your valuable suggestion on buying silver 1) silver is trading at 42.3 k approx. Is it a good time to buy it now, considering its under-priced. wht's the all time low of silver? 2) which contract should I buy the sep , dec or the next year. Wht timeframe should i expect to...
  12. S

    Hello Friends

    Hello Friends, I am a new joinee at Traderji. Mainly trading in Commodities Market. Can anyone help me out with the conversion formula of gold, silver, crude, N Gas , Lead, Copper, al, zinc from dollar to Rs. presently we see in MCX. Whatever I found from websites do not match with...
  13. devil11

    Commodity options in India

    We've been getting news about commodity options in Indian markets for several years now. But when are we going to have it? Commodity options seem to be the financial equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster for us traders. Is anyone privy to the latest developments in this regard. Any new information...
  14. A

    Commodity exchange software

    Hi, I am interested in evaluating a commodity trading software that could be customised,open source or developed. please let me know if there is any such software available. best abraham [email protected]
  15. M

    Hi all,

    I'm new to commodity. I have traded in equity where i lost around 1L since i have not know more about. I traded only when i was in office. later i understand that equity is not my portal since it overlaps with my office hours. so i decided to go on to commodity which is suits to utilaize...
  16. G

    Fundamental analysis of metal commodities for a beginner

    Hello everyone. I am a beginner in the world of trading, as I am currently working on the abstract for a research project related to metal futures in India. I hope this hasn't been asked before, but could someone tell me the crucial metrics that one needs to look up for doing fundamental...
  17. P

    I want stock xray afl

    Kindly provide the afl codings for the attachments screenshots given.. Person selling this for 21500 rs one time charges
  18. I

    Commodity Pulse 1.0 released (Stable version)

    Hey guys. I have just released an update for Commodity Pulse. The refresh time and lag has been cut by a third, UI has been improved, and most importantly there are no more annoying errors. Please check it out at Google Play. You can also follow the latest development on twitter. You are...
  19. H

    seasons greetings

    Hello everyone, My Name is Vardhman Mehta and i am from Jaipur. I am a technical Trader and I trade Stocks, Currency and commodities.
  20. T

    Problems in Commodity daily charts in Trade Tiger , Please Help

    Hi All, I have this problem while seeing the daily charts of commodities in TradeTiger. I will explain with an example. I am viewing the daily chart of Silvermic Feb 2013 contract , when i see the candle for any day in novermber lets say nov 29 in the chart of silvermic-feb-2013 contract, the...