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If you remember automobiles in 80's ( trucks/ buses even cars) they would travel for certain kms and after that driver would open the bonnet and put some water to cool it down / take rest under the shade for some time with bonnet left open and then resumes the journey. :D:D
He he
Brother I am following the same 1980's solution for my NOW terminal. But got fed up in 2 days. So want a 2015's solution.


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What do u mean by customization?
By customization, I meant customization of bar types (say a range bar plots a default range, but I might want to change the range) as well as adding our own indicators.


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Can we set Kite chart background to black? How?
in pi software chart is not coming . Unable to connect to data server it will be available soon is the message iam getting after that i am not able to even click my mouse or keyboard prices are refreshing but nothing can be done why ? . in kite only 1 min and 5 min timeframe coming correctly 3 min is not coming properly pls check it. is ichimoku available in pi software when it is in kite

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