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Hi Zerodha,

Facing issues with Pi since yesterday. It keeps on hanging repeatedly. Yesterday was atbest able to open 2 charts simultaneously. Today with just a chart open and add even 1 indicator it keeps hanging. Have shutdown & restarted both Pi & laptop multiple times, still the same issue.
This might be unrelated, But..

I had opened 4 charts with a couple of Indicators and the program / machine itself started slowing down. I could see that pi was intermittently using 100% CPU.

On closer scrutiny I realized that one of the indicator is using more resource than others.

I had used EMA-26, EMA-8, CCI (Commodity channel Index) @ 500 - for a fairly long term indication. While CCI -14 do not take much more resource, increasing the time frame, increases the CPU usage too. This is more than what MACD uses.

My thought is may some of the customers could be using many of these indicators and with several charts open, the program could crash the computer or slow it down to pathetic levels. The blame shall fall on the Software.

Keep open your performance monitor and check the cpu usage adding / deleting the indicators or changing their time frames.

Take care.


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Happy to let you all know that our DP business has just gone live.

New T&D forms, and only demat forms have both been updated on our website.
We will charge Rs 100 for demat account opening. The AMC is Rs 300, but we will collect it at end of the year.
Account opening fees:
If a client is printing the T&D forms, Rs 200 for Trading + Rs 100 for Demat, total Rs 300.
If a client is filling our forms, Rs 300 for trading + Rs 100 for demat, total: Rs 400
If a client opts for priority, Rs 350 for trading + Rs 100 for demat, total: Rs 450
DP charges: Rs 8 + Rs 5.5 (CDSL)
For all those clients who already have trading account with us and want to migrate to Zerodha demat account, demat forms are available in the download section of our website. No account opening fees for demat for existing clients.
I have two questions:

1. I am your existing client having only trading account with you (I don't have IL&FS demat), if I print demat forms myself, account opening for demat will be free?

2. What do you mean by 'priority' ??

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