1. C

    Please suggest options tools website/software with live data

    I am aware of opstra/sensibull/icharts.in but are there any more that I am not aware of? I am trying find a site where I can see options strangle premium on chart and vwap and ema plotted on 10 min chart.
  2. S

    why trdrs losing if

    y so mny trdrs losing (me also) whn trding is so Eazzzy ;) plot X sma/ema/wma, tek all trds in ma direction
  3. path.finder

    Trading Diary of a Newbie

    hi folks, i was into trading a few years back but it was more of a part time hobby on my leave periods. i have now decided to quit my career to start trading full time and have been getting back into the action since the last three months and i feel i am getting back into shape. tomorrow i...
  4. N

    Identify Price Volatility As Early As Possible With Moving Averages

    Hi all, This may be useful for some intraday traders. I'm not the better day trader. This is to identify price volatility as early as possible by using EMA Concept : If price increase, then slope of the average line should also increase. If price decrease, then slope of the average line...
  5. Blackhole

    Which Strategy / System / Indicators Gives U consistent Results

    Notice :::: Please Consider Mix of few trading system(trading in more accounts) as NR setups or Gann Angles Well, I already said that i Started off as a gambler, even today i take some tukka trades and get paid good.....Do Not Ask how much I looose?:rofl:...... My loosing reasons were many...
  6. M

    Amibroker - one scrip, multiple assumptions

    Hi, I am working on a strategy in Amibroker. I am trying to find out if I can trade multiple assumptions on one particular scrip. For eg., if I am trading 20-30 EMA on a particular scrip, I would like to trade 15-25 EMA on the same scrip at the same time. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. K

    nial fuller 150 & 365 EMA

    Hello Friends, Does anyone know how Nial Fuller uses the 150 and 365 EMA? Thanks.. Karuna
  8. S

    how compute ema10 5min using intraday 1sec real time

    Hi! I am creating own trading system. I have classic formula to compute ema (exponencial moving average) using last ema value if exists else use SMA (simple moving average) value. When ema10, ema20 - the number 10, 20 define value for multiplier. i want create this strategy using c++: If...
  9. A

    EMA crossover backtest

    Dear friends, For some time now, I was going through different trading strategies, felt comfortable with EMA crossover strategy. So decided to backtest various EMA crossovers and ended up with the results posted below. More experienced traders, please have a look for the genuinity of results...
  10. ananths

    How to find NIFTY moving averages

    Hi Friends, Is there any website which will show current moving averages like 20, 50 & 200 days moving averages for NIFTY? Please provide me the link. Thanks Anant
  11. P

    technical analysis

    .Which type of EMA is better to assess the buying and selling technic 30,50,150 or 3,15,30 or 3,13,39. Pl.guide how to assess the technic of buying and selling on the basis of EMA
  12. A


    Hi all, I am still a learner in the wolrd of options. I am trying to learn the technical aspects of chart trading and looking for a good charting software for NIFTY OPTIONS. The criterias I have are: 1. The data has to be real time. (delay of 15 minutes can cause excessive damage) 2...
  13. sub2501

    Great SMA, EMA & MACD System

    Currency: GBP/USD (preferred) or any other. Time frame: 3 hours (preferred) or 4 hours. Indicators: SMA 200, SMA 100 these are two influential SMAs; you will find price obeying their boundaries. SMA 15 EMA 5 MACD (12, 26, 9) Trading Rules: Since we are dealing with unpredictable...
  14. S

    charting software having option to draw atleast 6 emas ...

    I want to subscribe one charting software service but want to know which software provide to draw atleast 6 emas at the same time. any one using charting software from their experience please suggest me. skd:)
  15. I

    EMA Trading Technology - For Intraday Or Swing Trades

    Folks, Today, I want to discuss a trading technique that may be of interest of fellow traders. I have created and published an auto End of Day analysis of Nifty and its component stocks. The auto-analysis is available every trading day after 8 PM. Take note of the 5 and 20 EMA levels for the...