What's the reason behind consistent losing?


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I think lack of self-control is mainly responsible for consistent losing. What’s your opinion in this regard?
You can set stop loss and do not let self-control issues to interfere with your trading. However if you cancel or move stop-loss then you should probably take a break since you are likely have gambling problem, i.e. too impatient.
Consistent losing in trading means back to school and learn again changing the strategy plus paper or demo trading instead of live trading.
Consistent losses in trading can result from factors such as inadequate risk management, emotional decision-making, lack of a proven strategy, or insufficient market knowledge.
If you go step by step, here are the probable causes.
1- Do you have enough knowledge about Forex?
2-Do you have control over your emotions?
3-Do you know anything about technical and fundamental analysis?
4-Do you have a strategy to follow up on?
5-Have you tested that strategy in terms of win-loss ratio and risk-reward ratio?
If you have an answer to these questions, then you could find where the root of your problem is.

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