moving average

  1. R

    How to execute the order immediately after 'Cross' instead of after the close of the candle in AFL

    How to execute the order immediately after 'Cross' instead of after the close of the candle in AFL. My Current AFL has a function which performs execution of order after the moving average crossover, but the order gets executed only after the closure of the current candle. Instead of that, I...
  2. The Pig

    Moving Averages and trend lines

    Hi All, Do any of you guys trade using MA and trendlines? I backtested 9EMA,20 EMA of TCS for year 2010-2013, though EMAs seem to be a bit ok for day trading, trendlines and EMA seems to be not useful. Even S/R seems to be not holding up too. How is it working for you? I might not be applying...
  3. H

    AFL required for Variable Moving Average

    Hi, I am new to AFL writing and to forum as well, i am here in hope to get support, I am working on variable Moving Average(VMA), i need help to develop AFL for the same. on crossover generating signals accordingly. can someone help.
  4. S

    why trdrs losing if

    y so mny trdrs losing (me also) whn trding is so Eazzzy ;) plot X sma/ema/wma, tek all trds in ma direction
  5. path.finder

    Metallica - Rocking the Metals (Trending with MA)

    hi all, been a long time back testing the metals and finally settled on a simple strategy. please note that this is the first live test so do take this with a pinch of salt as of now, lol. i shall put in my trades and thoughts as and when i enter/exit trades and see how it goes. chart period...
  6. M

    How to decrease minor cross over in moving average crossover

    Moving average crossover technique is a widely used one Buy MAlong < MAshort sell MAlong > MAshort but this technique produces many unnecessary crossover signals like this one How can i prevent these unnecessary crossovers? Tried increasing the duration but creates other...
  7. Sagarocks432

    Why amibroker dont support Moving average greater than 300?

    Why amibroker dont support Moving average greater than 300? When I click on chart parameter and increase the period for MA it goes max to 300. Even when I have more than 2000 candles. And I also tried by editing formula and increasing the value of Periods = Param("Periods", 400, 2, 400, 1, 10 )...
  8. N

    Zerodha; trading using moving average crossover

    I want to invest in stock market and my total investment is under 25000 rs. I want to know whether Zerodha allows trading (buy/sell) using moving average crossover strategy with out any extra charges. moving average crossover stratergy Buy when short moving average crossover long moving...
  9. P

    My Strategy

    I enter trade with following condition: Stock is trading above 50 day SMA Stock is trading above 200 day SMA MACD crossed signal line day before yesterday (trigger) Divergence rise was less than 400% while crossing signal line I exit the trade when MACD falls for the first time...
  10. A

    Plotting SMA high Low as Line

    Hi Members, We can plot SMA or EMA as continuously changing lines. Is it possible to catch the High and Low of Moving Averages and plot a straight line for the current day. Please help.
  11. K

    nial fuller 150 & 365 EMA

    Hello Friends, Does anyone know how Nial Fuller uses the 150 and 365 EMA? Thanks.. Karuna
  12. K

    moving averages

    Hi friends, I know i am asking too many questions. Its just that i want to learn from all you experienced trades who are so helpful and generous to share the correct information. This time i want to know more about moving averages? If someone uses moving averages for trend, then which are...
  13. S

    how compute ema10 5min using intraday 1sec real time

    Hi! I am creating own trading system. I have classic formula to compute ema (exponencial moving average) using last ema value if exists else use SMA (simple moving average) value. When ema10, ema20 - the number 10, 20 define value for multiplier. i want create this strategy using c++: If...
  14. ananths

    How to find NIFTY moving averages

    Hi Friends, Is there any website which will show current moving averages like 20, 50 & 200 days moving averages for NIFTY? Please provide me the link. Thanks Anant
  15. I

    EMA Trading Technology - For Intraday Or Swing Trades

    Folks, Today, I want to discuss a trading technique that may be of interest of fellow traders. I have created and published an auto End of Day analysis of Nifty and its component stocks. The auto-analysis is available every trading day after 8 PM. Take note of the 5 and 20 EMA levels for the...