Which internet connection is GOOD ?????

Which internet connection is GOOD ?


    Votes: 44 31.7%
  • TataIndicom

    Votes: 9 6.5%
  • BSNL

    Votes: 64 46.0%
  • Hathaway

    Votes: 7 5.0%
  • YOU (Previously Iqara)

    Votes: 1 0.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 14 10.1%

  • Total voters


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Hi capricon,
What is the minimum connection speed needed for online trading ?
I am using bsnl 500 plan for last one month...gave me a massive bill of 3200...(including deposit and installation)
planning to change to 750 unlimited but speed is 256 kbps. is it ok ?
Yes 256 is gud,
If u use RT data + Charting + Trading terminal, little more is gud,
try reliance
Where r u from?


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Yes 256 is gud,
If u use RT data + Charting + Trading terminal, little more is gud,
try reliance
Where r u from?
Do you mean that there will be a considerable slow down in the system speed?

Is it not enough if we increase the RAM memory to 1GB OR 2 GB.:confused:



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The best question I have seen on TJ asked by some1, that which Internet is good. Obviously BSNL sucks. It gets discnnted almost 10 times during mkt hours. And then when I try to login ODIN, it says , you are already cnnted. Then I have to wait for 5 mints, and meanwhile I miss to book profits or I cant dare to enter a trade bcz im afraid that I wont be able to exit quickly if my Net discnnts. Many times I suffred big losses due to Net problem. My prob is that at my place only BSNL broadband is available, and tata , reliance etc dont have 3g facility here. so their wireless net are very slow and discnnts alot too. BSL sucks, their engineers know much less than me abt Modem settings etc. They are unable to solve my problem, as they are educated illiterates who got jobs by licking ( and not learning) their Btech degree books. BSNL sucks


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I pray that BSNL goes bankrupt and Govnt disinvest it to private hands. I m ready to pay double amount to private company then. And all the illiterate engineers are kicked out in single day


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Thanks for all and particularly those who participated in the POLL.
I switched to BSNL long back.No problems at all.

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