VFM internet connection

I have BSNL broadband plan 1445 rs mly speed is 2 mbps upto 20GB ,1 mbps beyond 20 GB.
for back up ,which I rarely get chance to use .i have mts mblaze wifi dongle which I use in emergeny.I topup 1 GB for 248 rs for 30 days .but the speed of mblaze is pathetic .

Please suggest any other better option for both ?
I have BSNL boradband connection ,besides that I also have MTS data card which I use for backup.
once or twice a day BSNL connection disconnects for few seconds or minutes ,BSNL people say this is a server problem.At that moment I have to check and start my MTS data card ,but MTS speed is very slow in comparison to BSNL.Now after connecting to MTS I don't know if BSNL connection has started working or not.
Is there any software which can manage my connections ,I want to use BSNL as my primary net connection and whenever my BSNL connections drops MTS should connect but when BSNL starts working again the software should shift connection back to BSNL.

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