We created a petition regarding SEBI's new rules

Hello everyone. I am Avi Garg and I founded ARTI which stands for ASSOCIATION OF RETAIL TRADERS OF India. Our objective is to fight against SEBI because we all know SEBI is evil and their rules are regressive. I have created a petition that I would like everyone to sign -


Sign this petition and get it to as many people as possible. This petition shows our support and I'd like to present it in court when ARTI does go to court.

Yes we do plan on registering ourselves and going to court against SEBI but that's for another post.

Meanwhile, you can sign this petition and forward it to as many people as possible. Also, there 's a link below in the petition that would allow you to join our group.

Apart from that, those who are interested in joining our group can personally message or comment below.

To the moderators, I know promoting links or contacts are prohibited. It's common. That's why I am not doing that. Only allowing people who are interested to message and comment.

Have a good day!


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Kudos to traderji for providing platform to stand against sebi


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Thank you Avi, I signed it and hope many from TJ also sign it.
Come on guys, he is doing something rather that just posting and complaining here, we need to support him.

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