1. Wisdom Capital

    Wisdom Capital Requests PM Intervention Against Impugned Peak Margin Circular

    Hello Traders, As you all are well aware that the recent impugned SEBI circular, dated 20th July, 2020, has taken a toll on all of us and that we, at Wisdom Capital, have challenged it in the court by filing a writ petition as well. The legal process is underway and we hope to get the unjust law...
  2. A

    We created a petition regarding SEBI's new rules

    Hello everyone. I am Avi Garg and I founded ARTI which stands for ASSOCIATION OF RETAIL TRADERS OF India. Our objective is to fight against SEBI because we all know SEBI is evil and their rules are regressive. I have created a petition that I would like everyone to sign -...
  3. V

    SEBI allows extension of trading timings?

    "it has been decided to permit Stock Exchanges to set their trading hours in the Equity Derivatives Segment between 9:00AM and 11:55 PM." Circular - Views pleeaase? Good / Bad? Why? Lesser sleep time?
  4. M

    Effect of equity derivative contract size increase on Sep/Oct 2015

    Recently sebi increased the equity derivatives contract from 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs in order to "safeguard the interest of retail investors" and some fellow also started a petition...
  5. M

    Is overnight trailing stop loss illegal in india?

    I am a big fan of trailing stop losses which will protect our investments and also helps to make some money. The problem in India is we have to manually trail the stop losses and no automatic trailing stop loss function for overnight positions are available. I know only one broker that is...
  6. N

    Motilal and no action by SEBI!!

    Just came across this article.. thought to post here for betterment of fellow members. We all (retail investors) think SEBI empowers us, but this article shows us how handicapped we all are...
  7. P

    Broker Cheating me by quoting SEBI rule

    My broker A**** is saying that "the offline transactions done through the day are considered as good if informed by the dealer (the person who is dealing with you from the broking company) to the client at the end of day, even if the instructions given to the dealer are contrary to the...
  8. Ganesh543

    What is the full form of BSE Index -> HC,CG,CD ?

    Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? I mean your favourite intraday stocks ..... Thanks Ganesh