REQUEST - Just need an exploration for Supertrend (already AFL ready created by KelvinHand)


I am sure there would be lot of experts out here who are well versed on coding. What I am proposing is to have an exploration to be implemented for already existing AFL which is created by "Kelvinhand".

So, the main thing is , I am trying to establish/re-create a paid version AFL of someone selling it, but I am trying to make it free of cost for all, obviously with the help of esteemed AFL coders here.

The Free version AFL looks like this currently. Also known as RocketAFL which is open source now.

So this is based on some modified heiken ashi stuff and moving averages. It is all fair and square. The left side circular 7 indicators are series of RSI,CCI,Williams etc which transform itself based on the price action either to red or green. The thermometer represents the volume REDNESS/GREENNESS over it. The bottom square item is MACD indi. This is the free version of it..

Now here comes a paid version which is more or less similar in style.

So this is a paid version of some website. It has additional stuff here as in some EMA signals on top, which I assume it would be the three moving average crosses upon each time frame. The same 7 circular indicator. Candle formation remains the same. The marking of Higher high, higher low stuffs are shown, which is more or less fractals I guess. There is ribbon beneath and the color of background itself changes I think basically upon three moving averages themselves. And a magnified price at top. Here comes the exploration feature on this paid version. There is something like SUPERTREND kinda thingy. This is what I am focused upon. Although, I dont know what is this, but I tried to find out the most possible combination and this is what I came across.

Supretrend (10,5) upon RocketAFL comparision with Paid version

Paid version

Supertrend(10,5) on RocketAFL

So, as u can see both of them are more or less matching the scenario. This is what I am trying to achieve on an exploration basis.

The result of paid version exploration is as follows :

The above exploration is entirely based on that supertrend kinda line on Paid version. So whenever there is crossover, the exploration analyses the crossover of supertrendy stuff and gives result , every 5 min repetitve exploration. I know that it has low probability , but when u trade in the direction of longer time frame and this signal, u can eliminate lot of other negative factors.

So , coders, will u be kind enough to give a supertrend exploration for the same ? I shall post the Rocket AFL along with the supertrend that I use. Just it requires additional exploration capability,

The author for RocketAFL is "Kelvinhand" and I sincerely thank him/her for the best of what is provided to others.

And while on our exploration, it is not required to have Target, SL stuff. Just mere "Fresh SELL/BUY" calls.

And if possible (only if possible to) . Is it possible to add an exploration feature for the mini triangle formation as well? Will be shown on image. Exploration results can be together likewise as in "TRIANGLE BUY/SELL"

So these tiny mini triangle's purpose is for re-entry if u aren't comfortable to take position based on supertrend crossover. So the conditions while scanning has to be are as follows for mini triangle

If Supertrend is RED/Downtrend/Negative - then exploration needs to consider only the RED MINI TRIANGLE and post it.

If Supertrend is GREEN/Uptrend/Bullish - then exploration needs to consider only the WHITE MINI TRIANGLE and post it.

I hope things are clear.

If any coders/users willing to add more rules, very warm welcome and add ur stuffs, I encourage to give your own outputs.

The result of what happened to HDIL after writing all these is as follows :

So it can particularly work nice and effective if used with proper knowledge mechanically.

Requests in summary again

1) Supertrend (10,5) or any custom required setting exploration based on user upon rocket AFL - Results on exploration - "Supertrend BUY/SELL"
2) Mini triangle exploration upon rocket AFL - results on exploration - "Triangle BUY/SELL"

The AFL shall be attached on the post below, have a look on it. It shall be merged together with Supertrend and RocketAFL

Thank you sincerely to whomsoever it concern. Would love to see the result.

Thank you once again !!


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