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  1. N_Chandel89

    Multibagger 2023

    Synthiko Foils, a company with 28 years of experience in manufacturing aluminum foils for pharmaceutical packaging, has been consistently profitable. With two successful manufacturing units in Thane and Maharashtra, the company operates without any debt obligations. Currently, there are 17 lakh...
  2. D

    technical analysis course on LearnApp

    Hi guys, wanted to know how is the technical analysis module on learnapp? can one trade in live markets after watching them?
  3. P

    Download 1 minute IEOD for NSE-EQ, FnO, COMMODITY & CDS- ABOUT 18MONTHS DATA...!

    Dear Friends, Here is link for 1minute IEOD data for NSE-EQ (about 600 scripts), FnO, MCX & CDS scripts. CLICK HERE It is about 4Gb Data...
  4. A

    We created a petition regarding SEBI's new rules

    Hello everyone. I am Avi Garg and I founded ARTI which stands for ASSOCIATION OF RETAIL TRADERS OF India. Our objective is to fight against SEBI because we all know SEBI is evil and their rules are regressive. I have created a petition that I would like everyone to sign -...
  5. rahulsharma17

    Fyers 30 Days Challenge - Discussion

    This thread is to discuss the "Fyers 30 Days Challenge" introduced by Fyers. This challenge states that, if you remain profitable for the 30 trading days period then all your brokerage charges will be refunded with no upper limit.
  6. R

    What is Share Buyback

    Stock buybacks confer with the repurchasing of shares of stock by means of the enterprise that issued them. basically, a buyback takes place while the issuing company can pay shareholders the market cost according to proportion and re-absorbs that portion of its possession that turned into...
  7. R

    Why Trade Foreign Exchange.

    Narrow Focus In contrast to the stock market, a smaller marketplace with tens of hundreds of stocks to select from, the foreign exchange market revolves round extra or much less eight foremost currencies. A slender desire means no room for confusion, so even though the market is big, it’s...
  8. R

    different between crypto trading and forex trading?

    In foreign exchange you need as a minimum some hundred dollars and probable you need more than that a few lots, however in bitcoin you may begin buying and selling with only a few dollars. Due to the volatility, crypto trading could make you very good cash and very fast, you do no longer want...
  9. P

    Beginner Trading Questions

    I have some initial questions while I dive into trading - As an investor in India, can you only purchase stocks that are listed in BSE and NSE? - How can you find out if an indian company is listed in BSE and/or NSE? - Are there ways to find out the industry/sector a given indian company...
  10. S

    discrepancy in stock volume amounts at Yahoo, Google, Stock Market Watch etc.

    I have a question regarding differing stock volume amounts for a specific stock reported on various financial websites. For example, let's take a look at Lockheed Martin's volume amount at 12-12-2016. Yahoo Finance: 7 080 300...
  11. J

    Investing in stock market!

    What precautions must one take before investing in the stock markets?
  12. shirajroz

    Stock market accounting in tally

    Starting this new Thread to Guide those who need assistance in book keeping for STOCK/ COMMODITY market Transactions in TALLY Accounting Software. Pls Shoot ur Queries on the Topic , will try my best. Thank u Shiraj
  13. J

    Best sites for learning how to trade

    Any suggestions on the best websites where to learn how to trade?
  14. J

    Stock Market Contest

    Hi all, I wanted to see if any of you are interested in either joining a stock market tournament or hosting their own trading tournament. If you want to learn how to trade I suggest checking out this website It's a stock market game where players can trade with real-time...
  15. M

    Nifty Newsletter/ Nifty future Tips/ Stock Market Nifty/ Nifty Trading for 25th Jan

    Today Nifty index will have quite strong resistance at 6041. If it manages to cross 6041, it may reach 6056 and 6070 . If it Happens then bulls may take nifty to 6087.
  16. M

    Nifty Newsletter/ Nifty future Tips/ Stock Market Nifty 23rd jan 2013

    Today Nifty index will have quite strong resistance at 6070. If it manages to cross 6070, it may reach 6084 and 6099 . If it Happens then bulls may take nifty to 6115.
  17. M

    Nifty Newsletter/ Nifty future Tips/ Stock Market Nifty/ Nifty Trading Jan 22nd

    Today Nifty Index will have quite strong resistance at 6101. If it manages to cross 6101, it may reach 6118 and 6133 . If it Happens then bulls may take nifty to 6150.
  18. A

    Day trading Help!!

    Hi Guys, I am an IT guy working in an MNC providing Financial Services solutions. I invest in Stock markets primarily for mid term (6-7 months) gains. To be honest, i am not good at placing my bets when it comes to day trading whereas i analyze my stocks deeply when it comes to mid-term and...
  19. D

    Money Farmers

    Hi Guys, This is Vidit Doshi and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx