vijkris's Trading Record and PnL


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June 2017

Total trades = 14, Win = 4, Not win = 10;

1.Net = -16%

2. Win-Rate = 29%

3. Largest net profit in one trade = +26

4. Largest net loss in one trade = -12

5. Largest winning streak = 2 trades = 39 points

6. Largest Loosing streak = 4 trades = -24 points

7. Avg win RR = 51/4/ 8 = 1.6

8. Total win/no.of winning trades = 51/4 = 13 pts

9. total loss/no.of loosing trades = 74/10 = 7.4 pts


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I had to break my resolve and had to log in and copy this post to prevent it from getting buried. !!

Good Afternoon Everybody
I have completed my target in Crude & BNF now no trade & now time for study.
MB Bro has told me so I am sharing my observations..otherwise I dont have audacity to write something when A teacher like Varun Sir is with us..what I am sharing is just What I observed & learnt from all of the seniors & great traders here..

NO words can be able to thanks Varunji for sharing this simple & yet powerful concept OBV..When I add OBV in my arsenal, I have got an extra edge.I can assure you whatever Experience I have , if you master this OBV, You can do wonders..Like Varunji is doing .
1) I want to make some points..There is no shortcut in LIFE & same with Trading..If you think, we just get some afl & Varunji makes all rules of entry, adds & exits ..& we just came & making money next day without any efforts, without any self study..Its not possible..He has taught us a lot ..he shared with us so many things which I have never read in any book or on internet..its his tried & tested method..We should be greatful to him that he is sharing with us all his hardwork.
2) ST Sir once said"There is no 100% mechanical system which gives extra ordinary performance, yes mechanical method can do average performance" There is some discreation needed to perform extra-ordinary..& discreation comes with Screentime & experience...
3) there is no substitute for hardwork..In trading,it means Screen time & watching lots of charts..minimum 10K chart..Our own great trader RJSHEM Sir suggested that..I am following his advice as much as I can do..& That can do wonder..
4) This thread is GEM ..Please read every post & every chart posted by VarunSir..People will give excuse about so many posts..But GUYS! You have to do have to do..there is no option..& then use concepts which is appealing to you or you can apply them..
Trust me! I have read all 592 pages of this thread...& took hard copy of every single line told by Varun Sir in my notebook..I have filled 3 A4 Register of 500 pages..(dont ask for Pdf as I dont prepare soft copy)..( sameway I do whatever told by ST DA,RJSHEM SIR & other traders in traderji..I write down every single line in my notebook) will get Gems in those line..years of experience which you can never get in any book.
5) forget every AFL ,entry, exit..etc....Just Put simple Price chart & put OBV PANE below it..& just watch & observe both movement on your favourite scrips on your favourite time frame..just watch 2years chart & will find so many new observations..& then choose your setups..make your own entry ,exit rules ..backtest it & if successful , trade them..
6) Some great trader said" System is just 80& is psychology & money management" ..I would say, "choose a good system, Apply good moneymanagement & risk management, PSYCHOLOGY will come in right place automatically.."

I hope it helps something
Thanks a lot
NT Bro,
Thanks for taking time to write, as I know it is an effort from you. I would like to give you an analogy, Say some one is a doctor and he has a son, now the doctor cannot pass on his degree to his son, son has to go through the same cycle of studying and making himself qualified as doctor. Same goes for learning trading, you have to do that hard work, no AFL can substitute it.
The reason I requested you to write was, you have done the hard work, done your graduation with flying colors. Many people coming to this thread are simply asking for AFL and rules, they fail to understand psychology required to execute the plan, and trade like Varun Sir is trading.
Hope this post of yours inspire few to go through the thread make notes and study the method in bar replay.

Happy Trading and wish you good health.


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Posting the success and inspirational story of Vivek bhai.

Well almost 2 years back I wrote a post about my initial journey in the stock market (which was horrendous)
But today I am elated to report that I have recovered all the money that I had lost in my initial stint (close to 4L), a big rock is off my chest now.
I am indebted to many people on TJ who have helped me immensely in reaching today's milestone, can't thank them enough:

My mentor, most knowledgeable, most humble Smart_trade sir

Saint sir for "Teach A Man To Fish"

Subhadeep ji for his excellent knowledge and thread on pivots and price action

RJshem sir for his constant inputs, encouragement and confidence (that was far more than my self confidence)

Vijkris bhai for making me realise the importance of risk control and money management (when I was losing money in Future market)

TP sir for this world famous thread
All my buddies in TJ who kept me in the zone.

And lastly Traderji himself for providing me (and us) with such a wonderful platform where professionals nurture newbies and the trading does not appear as lonely as it is.:)
Thanks NT bhai, before entering the stock market, I had never lost any of my hard earned money, the market punished me for being ill-prepared. After that initial loss, first reaction was quitting (which I didn't), I wasn't much of a "save for rainy day" guy, but the loss made me 'save'.I built up some credible chunk in FDs, PPF, SSaccounts (to keep away), then started all the learning part on TJ itself, continued to trade in small quantities in cash.
Then added swing, positional and investing to the mix and guess what market even refunded me my tuition fee.
Beginners should never use leverage until they are traders in true sense,
and initial learning should be focussed on swing/investing rather than day trading.
Being a part time trader, where I didn't have to depend on trading for my expenses also gave me time to learn and recover.
@ Vivektrader,

I am very happy to know that you have recovered all your losses.This is an important stage and now you can grow up on the ladder to trading success....

Never be relaxed on risk control,money management,position sizing and cutting losses quickly and let the profits grow .This alone will lead to further success....

All my best wishes are with you and everybody else who is trying hard to succeed.

I want to mention one more person (my wife) who also had a significant role in making me realise that I was racing downhill and had lost this amount that was huge considering a span of just 4-5 months of initial trading (in F&O). To begin with she had no idea of my trading results and extent of loss, one fine day I told her.
She was shocked.
Then there was a well deserved lecture which I heard patiently, that some how brought me to senses that I was down the spiral with no trading knowledge.
This practically forced me to the 'saving' mode and a few days later I registered on traderji.
Moral of the story is "we shouldn't hide failures from our better half, you never know she may be the first person to halt your downfall"
That's exactly what happened.

Your problem is common to everybody.
I am still not that proficient in intraday trading, but I can tell you what I am trying.
If you are following TDSTs, sequential etc. Then have a list of 30-35 stocks on amibroker where you also have TDST afl loaded.
Now avoid scripts that are within red and blue TDST lines or previous day range. Look for forceful break of TDSTs can enter on retracement.
Once you find a suitable one, jump over to its daily chart to see where it lies in its market cycle.
By following this one method you can scan the entire list in seconds and can repeat after another 10-15 minutes.
Try out these things, may be improvise also.
Its always better to take trades in sync with direction of Nifty, think on those lines also. Most important is if you are right in a trade make it count, if wrong make it discount.
Good luck.

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NOT posting PnL, but posting some posts which is imp.

The basic is trading is : Each trade comes with 0 gurantee to be a winner. Now it may sound modest 10 points and most of us make a little more than that per month (My monthly average is 200+ almost 8 out of 12 months in crude in last 2 years, this year it is not going great. The issue is compounding and higher leveraging will soon take out the flexbility of using increased leverage.

You are too senior to get noob advice like this, but a single trade with big leverage, even going wrong by 10 points will be a disaster.

We can be Control:
1. Position Size
2.Net Captial deployed
3. The signal we want to follow (need practice)
4. Deciding the Exit point in case of failure
5. Deciding the Exit point in case of success or trailing amount (by % or pips)

But, we can not Control
1. The outcome of the trade

This 5:1 game makes this whole trading so unique that even the most successful trader, on paper will not gurantee even 10 points a day. Cause, the time you do it, there is not limit to the money you can make, considering there is no limit of the money one stinking rich guy can deploy.

1 lakh to 1 Crore in 60 days with 10 points will require High leverage + Compounding. A losing streak of 3-4 trades at the mid point of journey (when you are may be at 20-30lakh caps), will incurr the drawdown, we will back to square one.

Controlled compounding is ok, leverage not good.

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Let these ideas of above 3 screen shots sink in deep in our soul

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I am neither senior, nor pro trader yet.
I saw a youtube video, where the fellow told , 20 pts in crude per day with 10K capital can become 1 crore in approx 20 trading days. He showed some excel crap.
Of course, I don believe in that youtube fellow.

And whatever u say , not only myself, but many of us take it seriously, and none of us will consider it as noob advice.

See, because of that post, u gave a beautiful write up, also some really important screenshot.
Will wait for some more gems and by tomo maybe will move these posts to the pnL thread. Can't let it buried here.

The third screenshot said the most imp thing.. Adding more and more analysis to cover all the market variables will not create consistency.

Thats what I have been doing wrong since so many stupid years..

Trading as a process should be enjoyed, and we cant enjoy it if we think of m2m, capital etc.
There are lot of things i would like to say regarding some of my recent experiences, but this is not the right time.
Anyway I will refrain from saying further, I may hurt many ppl's feelings. !!!

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Trading in the Zone ~ Mark Douglas

No trading system discussed on this book, but if you have read any of these above screenshots, you will agree that most of us have been there or few of us are still there. Dont miss this book.250 odd pages , will change the way you see trading.

Best part-no discussion on trading system

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Babu Rao: Yaar Varun, Tuna tab se wahi kah raha. Wo na tujhe na tere trading system ko bekar kah raha.

Tuna: Chacha. I knew it and knew it better than most of the member here as I am a discreationary trader till date (transiting to mechnical). The difference of using scalple differs when it is in hand of a well experienced neuro surgeon and a trainee.

I will tell you the problem here. We are not the same person every day. Outside trading we have loads of other things to handle be it job, familiy, society and we are not in best shape everyday to take the call of discreation. I was gradully getting into that conclusion and then saw a reflection of same thing on XRAY's thread, not sure which one. That was the trigger point.

I thought, ok, if I can develop something which has no emotion but follow my trading style as close as possible (it is impossible to code all aspect of discreationarty trading - the reason I was pushing you for that). So what I did, I left out some of my edges (yeah felt bad) and coded up something which comes close to my style.

And backtested and fine tuned(the data is not that great - only 2 months, but TF 15 mins, so not bad either) - it is actually not looking bad.

See, I am till date a disc' trader and will take my own system with a pinch of salt till it becomes time tested. But trust me, it is not looking bad. But rest on Uday and Majnu Bhai.

If the system fails (it can), I will go manual mode like always. Even a plane with autopilot have that mode. I am only a trader.
Kuch logo ka kam hey free Gyan dena (would have like to use another word, restricting myself due forum rules) - here you go.
@timepass, read this book (trust me I am not getting any cut money for promoting this).

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My 1st eureka moment- No need to catch all the moves in a scrip, to make money. Define a fixed target, say 10/20 pts in crude or 50/100 pts in bnf, and get it daily, repeat it again and again. Once mind is habituated of that discipline increase lot size as per accepted norms of "leverage" and risk management.

2nd eureka moment - Volume data is very imp. Its upto the user, to use Raw volumes, Obv, vwap, etc. Whichever is comfortable.

rest will share later. !!
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