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Apart from pnl, only valuable posts acc to me is posted in this thread.. this post of wabuf is one of them..:clap:

haha story may kya he ... before joining taderji .. i was down 40k trading with icici..
brokerage was my problem..and may be method too(which i realized later) ...

I always traded like the "courage the cowardly dog" ,,,, fearing i will lose money ...and also a mindset to make money on each move ... ..

initially with no knowledge traded 1000-2000 shares..earned few .. lost many
the cowardly thing did one thing good to me after blowing uptil 40k is got on my nerve so much that i started trading 100 shares , 50 shares... at 1 point traded 1 share ... my mindset took 3 turns

1st was : i read somewhere on internet (long back,dont remember which site it was) that if you could make money on 1 share then you can make on 50 .. and so on 100 , 1000 ,10000 ..that struck me instant .. i was like .. absolutely ..this is how it should be ..
so i started correcting my approach ... started trading small amounts ,, if correct .. then only will raise it ..

2nd was : when i watched trader documentary of paul tudor jones on youtube in 2016 may be jan-feb // (uptil now i was up 20k .. so net -20k)

what i learned ?

1] never trade like coward .. PTJ was down 6 million .. but after 2-3 months he made it all back ... my fav part was .. when he shorted 100 tankers of oil against 11 trader(dont remem exact number) when everyone was bullish ...i was like ,, this guy has got courage ... so started learning how to scale up when trading good and cut number of shares traded when doing poorly .. most people just double quantity to make all back .. that usually makes a hole...

2] his confidence .. the way he gave orders to the pit ...

3] his humbleness ... hes the ceo of robinhood foundation for poor kids... i think ...

4] few of his rules i like are ... never be a macho man ... always play defense then offense .. if you dont see anything dont trade ... etc etc ... he also stated using 200 ema as matric for bull/bear ... i initially used ..then discarded .. then using again...

3rd turn ) when i watched mark douglas's videos ... ah man .. this opened up doors on another level ... I started correcting my emotions.... always having a check on it ... No emotion is the key

always be DEAD LIKE A DOORNAIL while trading ...

Now ... for me atleast what i think is ... when ever i make loss .. sole reason is .. i didnt traded the dominant trend .. thats it ..
accept it as fact and move on .. let the trend make a breaking and turn down or do mgm and other stuffs come 2nd for me. ... obliviously we need stops :D ... what our awesome money mgm will do if we are always trading against the heard ..
trading against the trend was my problem ...

we dont need to fight the trend .. if shorted ..went loss ...and there is another beautifull break of pivot high in uptrend .. i will buy ... opposite for shorts ...

I buy too ... but its usually 5-10 % ... rest all time I short ... i have always made loss(against dominant trend) when i predicted " High of the day " in uptrend .... my recent was jswsteel loss posted in day trading thread ... i lost money cause i went against the dominant trend .. the sole reason... I jumped the gun

i was actually waiting for it to test 200 ema ... seeing it will rebound or break ...
but i jumped the gun like an idiot.. see jswsteels chart .. it tested 200 ema .. and broke down beautifully ..
i was waiting for this move .. which didnt happened to me .. :D


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Beautiful explanation of vwap by Dr.Aman !!!

I think you people are making a monster of vwap which otherwise is simple and beautiful concept.

I will give you a writeup later about vwap and how it is combined with other concepts like volume profile ,Opening range and indicators. Stay tuned...
For the Uninitiated Not for Accomplished traders:
Let us go... VWAP is a price level where most of the transactions (no. of contracts/shares) took place in that period(day/month/week).

But we will restrict ourselves to day trading. It is a refrence point not an indicator. Clear!!!

If it is not an indicator what do we use it for?

We use it for finding Context and to find trade locations.

How do we use VWAP to find context?

Suppose we have a price chart in front of us how do we find where is value? At the most we can find high,low and current close on price chart not value. So when we plot VWAP we have a reference point where most of the trades so far has happened. We call it value.

Now when we plot VWAP we can immediately see where the value is with respect to current close. Whether current close is far away from value? If it is, we would not like to take a trade away from value.
We would like the price to come near value to decide what to do. We can also see if price is above value or below value. We can also see if value line is flat trending higher or lower.

Now suppose price is at value. what will price do if it is at value point? If it stays there we cannot benefit or there will be no reward. So price has to move away from value or VWAP.
We call this volatility.

More volatile the price more risk or reward we will get depending upon whether our trade direction is right or wrong.

So how do we measure this volatility? We use statistics to measure volatility. We plot standard deviation bands around this value. So the minimum expectation for the price to move away from value is ist SD band(+ve or –ve). So this is the minimum risk or reward. Suppose VWAP is at 100 and ist SD is at 110 then our minimum reward is 10 ticks.

Similarly we plot 2nd and 3rd SD bands to take advantage of volatility.
Now we have two arsenals with us value in the form of VWAP and volatility in the form of Standard Deviation bands and we want to take advantage of this .
How can we accomplish that? How do we know what is going to happen next?

Like a scientist we have to form a Thesis. These SD bands help us forming and updating our thesis.

Statistics teach us that most events happen 2SD bands away from value. So price may shoot to 2SD band, reverse from there or breakout from there. So now we will have a decision point to make whether it is a trend day or a breakout day or reversal day or range day?

TRENDDAY : When we observe that price is hitting 2SD with force and pulling to 1SD band or making just one retrace to VWAP(late morning) or none and then price start trending strongly in one direction it is the most compelling characteristic of a trend day formation. Watch the angle of VWAP.It will rise with +1SD and fall with -1SD.

RANGE DAY: Price will hit +2SD and -2SD regularily with to and fro moves with a flat VWAP.

BREAKOUT DAY: Day will beging with range day hitting 2SD BANDS and later breakout from range and start trending.

REVERSAL DAY: Price trends away from VWAP in the beginning of the day and then reverse below or above VWAP in the opposite direction with very few retracements.

How to trade VWAP? You will have to devise strategies around the VWAP and day types as soon as you spot those. It is a personal choice.

But if you are so adamant and insisting me to divulge my secrets then let me give you some clues.(No one is perfect. Atleast not me!) Trade at your own risk!

For range days : Fade -2SD +2SD extremes.

For Trend days: buy sell ist SD to add to positions and if already in position trail SL below ist SD.

For revesal days: Exit and fade at vwap or opposite 1SD(most difficult day to trade for me)

For breakout day: Get on board when breakout happens above below 2SD. If you have an opposite position your stop above below 2SD.

VWAP: Generally to get on the bus on retrace or in reversal situation to initiate a reversal trade on cross of VWAP.

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Combining VWAP, Opening Range and Indicators:

Opening range: OR is the high low of first 5 min 15 minute 30min or 60min. I use 5 and 15min range.

Why opening range? Because it gives first participants a chance to establish fair value at the open of sessions. I’m using the word sessions because I use three Opening Ranges as I trade crude oil only. MCX opening session at 10am , UK opening session at 1pm and US session 7pm. My favourite being UK session because of gap issues with MCX opening.

ACD system:

1.A_UP and A_DN

I add two lines above and below opening range.

A line above OR by adding 9 ticks to ORhigh it is called A_UP line or level and a line below OR by subtracting 9 ticks from ORlow. It is called A_dn line.

These lines are part of Mark Fisher ACD system from his brilliant book ‘The Logical Trader’.

I use the system slightly different way so please read it with a pinch of salt.

Basically, when price breakout above ORHigh and reach A_UP and sustain there for sometime it is presumed that it has made an A UP and an indication that market will tren up from here . If market donot sustain A UP level and reverse to the other side of OR for A_DN line it is said to have made a failed A_UP.
Similarly A_dn and Failed A_dn are made.
But in a day only one leg can be made. Either A_UP or A_DN not both.

2. C_up C_dn:
If in a trading day an A_UP has been made and then market reverse from a certain level to the other side of OR or across OR it wont be A_DN but it is called C_down and is sometimes very powerful move because it means seller are in control now.

Similarly C_UP. Leg will be formed. So thats Mark Fisher ACD system in nutshell. Study it from book for more because as I said I use it slightly differently.
My use of OR , ACD system and Indicators:

I combine OR, ACD and RSIONOBV to form a complete
sytem for my trading.

I use A_UP and A_DN lines as targets so a 9-10 tick profit target if I short or long from ORhigh or ORlow is a good place to book some profit or scaleout. However, if price sustains below these lines it suggests a trending market and

I trade accordingly.
Long setup: A) Price sustaining ORhigh
B) RsiOnOBV above 50
C) price above VWAP
Short setup: A) Price sustaining ORlow
B) RsiOnOBV below 50
C) price below VWAP

There are other finer details which I have deliberately omitted so that new traders are not confused and for them to do some home work. But I think above plain vanilla setups are enough for a new trader or a trader who is not finding success to come out with a successful trading journey. I have omitted Volume Profile from this writeup because it is a huge topic and will require time. So if time permit will discuss and incorporate this into the plan. Good luck to you all.

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Thanks Aman Bhai for writing such a detailed post for me.

Your chart has one more extra SD,I think that's a 3SD is also enabled on your chart.

But whats the use of 3SD?Price rarely touches it.
aja thanks for asking this. There are two main things to do when price hits 3SD.
Just look at the VWAP slope if its flat then book profit.If VWAP RISING trail stop loss. This is one thing.
Second thing I do is do not initiate any fresh long (or short at-3SD) positions. because you may end in a losing position. This is a strict no fresh entry zone for me. I never forget this.

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Aman Bhai VEDL Chart

Do you consider bias based on VAH-VAL or trade SD's only?

here price is below VAL means its a bearish bias.We short that arrow when price was about to breach vwap.This short is based on bearish bias.But sometimes what happen
price reverse from vwap itself,it goes upto VAL and again go upto vwap or break it.

So do you avoid taking taking 1st short or will take this short-

I activated 3SD,I got the importance of 3SD Band.
I don't use val vah . For me todays value is todays VWAP. yes I use yesterdays Vwap as target or s/r level . Not val vah. I have described my long and short setup previously.
Nifty taurus bhai's setups:

some price action setups


yesterday high failure setup
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As I am not in any whatsapp group, Fb is also limited, so I consider this thread as my page where I can post some off topic, personal things/achievements.

If anyone remembers, I appeared for Typewriting exam in Feb 2017. Now the results are out.
The Marks are out of 100.

I was the topper of the whole institute !!!! :clap: :rofl::rofl:

All my batchmates used to slog for 8hrs a day in the institute. They were dedicated as according to them the certificate is imp for getting jobs etc.
I was the most casual fellow and clearly told everyone that I am learning it as a hobby etc etc.
Even before exams I just used to practice for max 4 hrs, but got better marks than everyone. :clapping:

Even the principal was surprised as to how I got 95/100, when in internal tests I managed only 60/100.

Just for additional info, unlike Bihar/UP, the exams here is conducted very strictly and no chance of cheating. :)

Btw, still I have no idea whether this certificate is useful for me or not...
The major advantage now I feel is the ability to type in TJ in total darkness. :D


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Adding Nifty taurus bro's journey here. Thanks for sharing. Now this thread is becoming valuable. :D :clap:

Good Afternoon all friends
Hope all are doing well.Due to health , I am not able to spend more time on TJ.
But I read all post time to time from my favourite senior & fellow members..

Rjsjem sir mentioned me in one of his post to share my experience of applying those trading setups..but I will go one more step & talk about whole trading please bear with me.

I am sharing my trading journey with you with a disclaimer that I am nor experienced nor very successful trader but yes! I am a dedicatd student of market..I am sharing my experience as well as my learning & my mistakes..If those can help to any fellow traders, objective of sharing will be fulfilled.

1) This trading journey started in april that time I dont know anything about trading...charts was this thing which I have never ever listen the name..

I knew only destination but dint have the single idea how to go , what is the path? what is the way?I was just clue less.

2)I dont know a single trader in my real life.I still dont, I googled & tried to read about trading..I have downloaded some 100s of trading books..get make hard copy of them..spent 25-30 K Only on it..Trust me, first time I learnt abc of candle from a book..before that candel chart was alien to me..I al a self learner I have read many books from basics of candel to MM,PSYCHOLOGY etc etc..I have joined Trderji as much as I can.

3) at that time I dint know name of amibroker..But I need a charting platforms & opened account with Trade Tiger & started using their charting platform..from trial & error, I was learning ABC of charts & software as I have been never a technical person so It was a bit hard but no option except hrdwork.

4) I read so many books ..& I decided I will stick to price action, I read from albrooks to lancebeggs ..everything available on price action..tested everything on my Tradetiger which gave justone month historicl itraday data..guys ! beleive me I have spent some 18 hours daily in one room closed myself from outside world..I locked myself in one room & was doing so much hard work..18 hours a day..7 days a contact was zero..I stopped reading other books & I stopped watching films completelly..despite the fact that books & movies are my life..

I sacrificed everything because I wanted to be successful in intraday trading...but with all my efforts & hardwork, I was failing & I had lost lacks of rupees in intraday trading..

4) each time, I found a new method, I tested it on 1 month data & nextday started trading..lost ..dejected & depressed...stopped trading for some days & then again started..lost..depressed..finding new method ..this circle went on..two ears passed..I was doing so much hardwork & lost lacs of rupees but I was not successfull..

5) I was depressed .lost & dejected...but during that period also..I have never done some things which help me further

a) I never think of quitting I know its a ocean of money ..I just neeed to know how to fetch those water from it

b) I never thought of going back to my corprate world job which had been giving me 7 figure slary at time of quitting..& some lucrative offer came during that period..but I NEVER give a single thought about going back to job..I m not suggesting this to anybody as everybody's condition & persoality is different

c) in losing period, I have never think about taking paid services or tips services or even I never follow any fellow traders trade or opinion about market..never means never

d) I have never watch any businees channel or read any business news in my entire doesnt means to me wht happened to world, or government or intrest rates or etc etc ...i just trade my charts

so this 2 year period went on like this only...
i was lost, depressed & dejected but I didnt give up..though, I stopped , rethink & again moved on but I was a loser trader who is loosing went on till feb-march 2015...& now I didnt know , life was waiting for me for another blow of my life..
will continue in next next post
sorry for long post..when I started blabberig, I dont please bear with me
Not blabbering NT bhai, this is an agnipariksha every trader has to face. Some strive to make it, many fail.

This post will serve it's purpose, for serious aspirants the amount of dedication required to succeed and for day dreaming fortune hunters .............. well nothing can be done for them. Let them supply money to market.
PS : @ Niftytauras, since today morning I am going through AVNY's thread master one trick only ( Came across your queries), BPB/BOF and luckily you posted today.:thumb:
Dear Friends

So In January, 2015 brought me the blow of life..I had diagonosed with an auto immune disease ..which is rare & happens one in a million & worst part is its incurable..medical science doest now the cause of it so it doesnt know the solution of it..what doctors can avail are just some trial & error remedies which can control the disease but not cure it..& the remedies which they are using create serious side effects..

trust me guys! At tht time also, I was a very healthy person & my all vital test was completelly fine.
.I was a young & very healthy person..before that I had never got a average fever in my life..& now this strange, mysterious auto immune disease immune system had become so strong that it has started attacking my own body..i had never heard this thing ever in my life..& now I had to leave with this condition whole life..I had always follow a healthy life style..i never drink alcohol, never smoke , eat healthy etc etc then Why to me ?? there is no answer..of why me?

2) but yes during those 2 years...locked myself in a room & sitting infront of computer for 18 hours ..& no sunlight fresh air exercise ..make the matter worse...I was suffering from insomnia...pressure to be successful ..& daily strees ..had taken toll on health ..that was my assumption..i may be wrong..

3) so come back to trading..frequent visits to doctor & labs..& all stress, helplessness &pain....I didnt forget trading...though, its not so health relted things & symptoms & pain etc was taking my time.. I was not frequent in my trading

4) i stopped trading & sitting infront of terminal often..I Stopped reading trading books altogether..In june, 2015 I i got amibroker & i came to know how to import data..& searched & searched & got intraday historical data...but now I can backtest more..(9in comparison of trde tiger which gve me just 1 month data)

I was struggling with my health issues & they were taking my most of the time..but I was bcktesting my ideas continusouslly..& i decided I will not do trding till i Satisfied with my backtest result or method..

5) this 2 yers from 2015-2017, I learnt pratap sir's vwap, shubhdeep sir's pivot method, & rjshem sir's price action setups..recently, I have been learning, varun sir's obv me, I have read each & every post of those 600-700 pages thread & wrote notes in hard copy..& experimenting with it..
6) despite my ill health, i didnt stop backtesting or watching charts..ya, now i can not sit 18 hours a day as I used to be..but I have been trying hard as much as i can with my present condition..

7) despite doing hard work & hard work , I was not a profitable trader..then, in april & may -2015, I had to take an injection which uses in bloood cancer treatment for my condition, which can be mortal ( dont worry guys, I dont have cancer luckily..) but fortunately, i didnt have to take during this period, my symptome was severe, & i couldnt do, one of my family member started trading which doesnt know anything about trading..& I have taught some things about trading & gave some setups..

8) that family member started trading & first time in life..that month become profitable & profit continues...that increased my confidence on trading, on my learning & my methods..journey took a big leap then...Then, i started developing confidence that now I can pay my bills & trading can take care of my monthly expenditures..

but still my journey has not stopped..i still have to fulfill my dream of earning a huge money from trading & then started investing to create wealth..shubhadeep sir's "double your money in 40 trades" is still my goal to be fulfilled..
what I have learnt from my trading journey , I will shre in next post
niftytaurus bro,

If you don't mind, please share what made you so confident enough in trading that you quit your job to do it?

Wishing you the very best to recover your health soon and achieve your goals in trading.
Dear Friends
Last year dear Rjshem Sir came in my trading life..

During learning pivot method, I hve come across some Rjshem sirs charts & learnt some setups from his charts..I am & will be always greatful to him for his kind help ..those 2-3 charts had changed my whole concept of trading..all 3 years hard work had started making sense..

1) RJshem Sir gave me the seed of idea...& I grew whole tree out of it...I am not following it completelly but yes that give me the idea how to make setups & how to trade price action with objectivity..God has sent me the RJshem sir in my trading life & it changed words can express my deep & warm gratitude to him..I will be always greatful to this kind & successful trader forever in my life.

2) what mistke i was doing, I realized..I was a perfectionsist in my studies & in my job..& i was doing same in trading..I was discarding every method due to some imperfection..then I enlightned & got holy grail ?what was my holy grail??

50 % success & 1:2 reward of any setup..whether its belongs to price action or many methods of indicator which I discrded in my previous journey started becoming useful..I dont mind if only coin flipping has fulfilled thar criteria, I can also include in my setup

so lesson -1 no perfection in trading, only probabilities..dont make youe method method is perfect..dont try to mke it perfect..if it is 50 % time right, you will be profitable

2) I was doing 18 hours hard work.. & I was thinking hours of my hardwork is directly proprtional to my profit..but its not the case..though hardwork is very necesseary in trading...but market doesnt care about your will not give you money just beacause your need just some setups, prctise them & execute them flawlessly

3) I used to follow avny's thread ...i learnt 'master one trick"..we are habitual to our education system & think if we know much, we do better..its not applied in its better, if you know less..if you apply all method or so many tricks, it would be hard to be profitable.."master one trick" & practise that one trick 10 thousand times & apply it continuously would be boring but profitable..we are in market to earn profit not for excitement

4) Guys! who are still struggling, I suggest..just go through some rjshem sir's chart..just choose 1 setup ..any 1 setup..learn it throughly..& choose any 5 scrips of your choice...take only this 1 setup & take trades only when this setups comes in those 5 scrips..pull out any month & take trades..if you are in loss, discard it...but this will not happen

5) market is a war..our opponent are strong..we can only win this war to be with them only..dont be rigid...fight with THEM, not against them..

6) 1 mistke I had done...I tried to catch each & every move..i tried to trade daily...dont do that..if you are able to catch just 1-2 moves in a day, its enough to make you rich ...if you are able to catch 2-3 good days in a month, it can take care of your monthly expenses( provided your position size is big)

7) learn from everybody but follow what suits you & your psychology..every person risk appetiteis diffrent so choose trading style which suits your personality & risk I am a very big risk markets rewards depends upon your risk..I came in a very danger rating when it comes to taking risks but I can not suggest this to everybody..every trader has a very different risk tendency..Trader SOROS who make bank of england bankrupt in one of his famous trade..he put so much on stake on that trade ..not every trader has that much strength & risk appetite

8) dont start trading with low capital..for back testing or forward testing, you can use small position sizing for learning..but if you want to do it Full time & fulfill your expenditure from it...please start with good capital..5-10 lack is minimum..& employ this capital only when you have got good & consistent profit in last 6 monthes with low capital

9) dont apply or learn method just because some trader is profitable ..everybody is diffrent..everybody's personality, risk appetite, intelligence & condition is different..learn & practise which suits you

10) practise, practise & practise...books can help you to learn basics..but it couldnt teach you trading..this will only charts teach you..what 100 of books cannot teach me ..1 chart of rjshem sir taught back test your setup with sufiicient time of historical 1000 of charts..learn first 1 setup..practise 1000 of charts of this 1 it on 1 scrip..then trade it on 5 scrips..then on more scrips...till then you are continuously successful with this setup...& then only add new setups..

11) start with small capital & then increase your capital..if you cant earn money with small capital, you cannot earn big with large capital
enough for now
all the best
Dear Wisp Bro
I Did not quit job because I wanted to do trading.
I was working in media industry..there are so many things you have to do to be in top of that industry..your talents or education doesnot matters..

I always want to be in top whatever I do..its my personality..I am a very over ambitious person..& besides I am a rebel person..I dont follow norms ...

I thought I am not doing The things for which I have joined that I quit one fine day..not because I wanted to do trading or I had something better to do than my job..

i quit job because I was not enjoying what I was doing..So I just write an email & quit the job..I did not know what to do next..

I just knew I wanted to do something of my own..I thought of so many businesses..but every business needs all those qualities which corporate slavery also required..I dont have those qualities like good PR, ego massging etc I know I cant do that..I had to start everything from scratch so trading was a businees which fulfilled my requirements because here my talents & hardwork pays..I dont need to please Any boss, collegues, customer etc etc..

but yes! I can understand not everybody can do it....I am kind of a sanki & pagal kind of person according to social norms..

a) I never ever follow any social norms..or I never follow bhed chal( just follow blindlessly) to anything...I did graduate in science..when my all friends did masters in science..I took risk & did finance..everybody told that I would be failed ..I did Top in university..I did Doctorate in financial management..when all my university mates joined job in some banks,financial institutions...I joined a filmmaking school..again people told me you are taking a very big risk with your career..I did well in film school..when My friends were on big designtions on banks & financial institutions..I was struggling in mumbai for a small job..I did struggled a lot..people said I would fail..again I proved them wrong..I got successful & beat them in salaries whatever They are getting in their finance jobs..

When I quit, I was about on TOP..but I quit because I dont want to do job..I quit..then again people said, you would fail..share market means would fail..but again I am earning my bread from share I always took very big risks with my life, career & money..but I take full responsibility & consequences of my actions

2) If you watch , 3 idiots..I am kind of Ranccho..I beileive in excellence & success will follow in any field..I do what I love & enjoy...I will fulfill my goal in trading & then I will again pursue my next goal..Next one is become a film Producer

3) when you dont follow social norms, you have to sacrifice..if you want to follow your rules & against society, you have to sacrifice..example : imagine how much money I would have earned If I would be in tht job..4 year salary, job security, Job status, social status all I sacrificed for my own rules

4)when you quit job & start something new like trading...ofcourse! you have to put something aside for your monthly I didnt jump from a cliff without any precaution..I had savings which can take care of my monthly expenditures..but yes I have to sacrifice on that front also..because savings now used to take care of monthly are not earning anything & you are spending your savings..its difficult...but You have to choose

5) another sacrifice is I cant do expenditures lavishly like I used to do when I was in job..I had to make many compromises..Now I ride in cabs, I dont have driver..I dont buy new phone models every six monthes..I dont buy very expensive clothes, I dont buy foreign perfumes & watches too often.. ..I dont eat in expensive restaurant daily as I used to be..etc etc

so what !!! It doesnt matter..But I live a very comfortable & good life..I have all what is needed to be survived..for me survival is good food..comfortable clothes , books, movies, travel which all are taken care of ..thats is survival for me ...for people ,I am not fit in those social norms & financial standard .
one funny incident is one of my friend came from abroad..I picked up her in a cab..she didt know about it..she thought I had a shauffer driven car..I told her its a Cab..not my own car..& she asked with sympathy"what happened? are you not doing well? " so may be from people & social standard, I have become poor...ha ha ha..& I replied her, next time , when you will visit India, I will invest in your start up & buy big stake in your company but I will come in Cab only to pick you up !!

so guys! nothing is impossible! you just need to break all norms & choose your priorities...for someone buying BMW is priority , for me producing a film which transforms people lives is priority..I also want to earn money..all the money ..huge money..limitless money..but I dont want to buy big cars, big jets or big houses..nothing wrong with it which does that...but its all about priorityies,,but my priority is to spend those money on well being of people on this earth..
I want to spend those on others..for me, I have enough for survival..but for people, survival defination is diffrent..

sorry a long answer for a simple question..but need to explain meaning of money is related to should be coming effortlessly..wealth is "LAXMI" in our tradition ..laxmi has only 3 ways"DAN,KHARCH & NAASH" MEANS wealth has only 3 uses, either charity, spending or third one is it will be finished..
so Spend, use or give money wisely..
Thanks to listening me
Hats off! You sound like a very principled human being!

niftytaurus thanks for all the kind words. my intention of starting posting here or other forum saint sirs forum which is closed now was to help atleast one struggling trader to succeed nothing else it is only way of giving back as I also learnt a lot from seniors here and other forums.i always believe if I know something and even my enemy comes to learn it I will teach him knowledge belongs to all and knowledge to me is practical knowledge nothing can beat that .

I have told u the same things which I have told a lot of others also but u have used it efficiently in ur own way and ur profits r result of all that hardwork.

hardwork will always pay in long run no matter what so hats off to u even after such illness ur working so hard and I always pray to god ur illness disappears one day as silently as it came don't give up keep trying and fighting it.

in life well being for me is not ur cars money bunglow .
I have seen enough of it .

well being is if u could help the needy someone even just .ooooooooooo1% in any way u can that's real pleasure and purpose of life.once u have enough for u go distribute excess to others who r short.wishing u a lot of success take care.
On manual typewriter ?? I didn't know that they still had those things going.

FYI, for typing on the computer, there are good "Typing Tutor" softwares available. Must be available free somewhere on internet.
As I am not in any whatsapp group, Fb is also limited, so I consider this thread as my page where I can post some off topic, personal things/achievements.

If anyone remembers, I appeared for Typewriting exam in Feb 2017. Now the results are out.
The Marks are out of 100.

I was the topper of the whole institute !!!! :clap: :rofl::rofl:

All my batchmates used to slog for 8hrs a day in the institute. They were dedicated as according to them the certificate is imp for getting jobs etc.
I was the most casual fellow and clearly told everyone that I am learning it as a hobby etc etc.
Even before exams I just used to practice for max 4 hrs, but got better marks than everyone. :clapping:

Even the principal was surprised as to how I got 95/100, when in internal tests I managed only 60/100.

Just for additional info, unlike Bihar/UP, the exams here is conducted very strictly and no chance of cheating. :)

Btw, still I have no idea whether this certificate is useful for me or not...
The major advantage now I feel is the ability to type in TJ in total darkness. :D


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On manual typewriter ?? I didn't know that they still had those things going.

FYI, for typing on the computer, there are good "Typing Tutor" softwares available. Must be available free somewhere on internet.
Yes, Manual typewriter. Something similar to this.

I don't know about other cities, but in Hyderabad, if anyone wants Govt. certificate, then manual typewriter has to be used.
Some institutes may give their own certificates and teach in computer but person holding this govt. certificate has more value it seems.

It was like Board exams only. State Board of Technical Education something.
Manual typewriter is difficult to type actually.
In pc, my speed is almost 40 or 43 wpm, but in typewriter its only about 33wpm.

I have practiced in some software at home, but it is just ok as we can edit the mistakes.
Whereas in manual typewriter editing is not possible at all. Thats the challenge, so we have to be perfect. :D
Yes, of course. I participated in Godrej exam in 1989. Clocked 57WPM @93% accuracy. I still have my old Brother portable typewriter (haven't touched it for > 20 years though)


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April 2017 report.

As of now my both computers are not working, so will be out of trading for few days.:(

Total trades is 30

Winners is 8, 26%

Not winners is 22, 74%

Net profit = -3.1 %

So 3 months consecutive loss.

One observation is that one fixed rule/setup is missing.
So myself have to first fix one setup.:)


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A different approach of Money Management by heady bro. :thumb:

vijkris & others,,

Use simple MM..
Don't trade with variable capital.. split capital with two part. one required for margin and another part for MTM. U need to refill or stop trading when MTM part becomes zero...
Now ur cap may be 4k or 3k etc but follow that rule.. people trade with 3lots...if faces loss, start trading with 2 lots.. then 1 lots.. u must not be trading with variable capital/lots...i mean max trading cap must be same.. mtm separate..

.....take this as the basic rule....we can compensate our loss easily when trading with fixed cap...refill mtm cap...

I saw here people traded with 200 lots. then after capital diminished with the wrong mm.. trading with 2-3 lots and dreaming of recovering the earlier cap of 200lots.. that not possible...better follow good MM from start..
I am great in mathematics, so didn understand how to proceed with it. :eek:

If someone explains with example then it will be more helpful.
My present MM depends on sl. so 2 lots if 5 rs sl, greater than 5rs sl one lot only.

1. IF 4k is the amount, each lot i need 1500 rs as margin, for 2 lots 3k.
Present balance is 39xx. So i have 900 rs more buffer before 2 lot orders get rejected by RMS.

So out of 4k capital,splitting it into two parts means, 3k for margin requirement, and balance 1k as MTM. right ?

So if 1k Mtm becomes zero, you are suggesting to refill that 1k , am I correct ?
(Stop trading/changing methods is not an option for me. :D)

What is the meaning of variable capital/lots ?

Sorry for asking basic Q.
Yes u r mostly correct...first set max lot u want to trade say 2. So rule is u'll try to mostly with 2 lots.. not 1 lot..bcoz if u make a loss with 2 lot, then trade with 1 lot, u need to double ur profit to break even now.

For max 2 lot.. u can trade 1, keep rest 1 lot in hand for averaging if required(or u see higher risk so trading with 50% thats ok:cool:)

Margin for that maximum 2 lot is 3000 for MIS.
Now, u have 900 as mtm. For 2 lot 900 means 45pt. So keeping 1pt for brokerage..4 consecutive loss of just 10pt can diminish ur mtm.. After that, u need to trade with 1lot..hence double profit to break even prev loss..its double hard now...don't fall into the trap..

Roughly calculate at any time how much consecutive loss possible with your system...after that u need to refill.. but min that buffer required to stay in the race.. is not it?

IF u keep the buffer for 20 loss, that is pretty safe for a refill. so if ur sl is 5pt (although 5 pt is too close for crude IMO, but u may be scalper, may ur tf 1m.. etc etc I don't want to go inside the system..).... anyway for 5pt SL and 1pt brokerage.. 6 pt for 20 trades so min 120pt per lot.. so for 2 lot min buffer size is 2400. 900 is too low..
If ur sl is 10pt for 2 lot then buffer size is 4800... which is more reasonable.
so min cap for 5 pt sl is 6400. with 10pt sl 7800..

so, u r trading with an insufficient u r loosing 400+ in a day on 3000 margins, u need bigger buffer according to ur style.. at least 4800..or even little more...
according to ur aggressive style ideally u need 8000 buffer on 3000 margins..means 11k for 2 lot mini.. means 400 pt a day loss for consecutive 20 days b4 buffer burnt out...enough...for any good intraday system...

ur r on the safer side of MM when u count max loss of day as one trade. 20 trades buffer...most good system sustained with that mm... my own tested MM... and... when any system failed with such high protection buffer... chances it is incompetent.. time to change/modify it..

Crude is very volatile..Ideal sl for crude is at least 10-20pt if u using 5 min or more..imo.. there are sudden spikes...


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Performance Review - May 2017

Total Trades = 22;
Winners = 6 = 27%;
Not winners = 16= 73%;

Since the crudeM challenge was started in between the month, so the profit/loss figures is messed up and I am unable to calculate it properly, so not posting it.

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