Platforms and languages for automated trading

Hi I am a technical trader living in USA. Recently I noticed a certain pattern in some ETF’s that I would like to trade automatically possibly several times a day depending on market conditions. After some initial inquiry it seems like Interactive Brokers is about the only platform that can provide fully automated trading. If there are other quality platforms that are competitive with Interactive Brokers with fully automated trading please let me know. Also, as I have never used automated trading previously, I am in the dark as to which language with which platform is “best”. I was told that Python can be used for automated trading but I am not sure with which platforms this can be used or even if it is a wise choice. I would appreciate any recommendations for platforms and languages, and please explain the basis for your recommendation.?
Given your requirements for fully automated trading, flexibility, and ease of use, I recommend sticking with Interactive Brokers. It offers one of the most powerful and versatile APIs in the industry, which can be accessed through Python. Python is a wise choice because it is widely used in finance and algorithmic trading for its simplicity and strong support for data analysis.
Interactive brokers is a good starting point, considering the market you are talking about. Python is widely used in the algorithmic trading industry owing to its libraries for automated trading strategies.

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