can we make our own trading platform

my question is can i make my own trading interface(which i will make from scratch for my personal use) while connecting my kite api to it for just placing order and selling manually i am not applying any algo in it i just want to capture 1 or 2 points in options.
i will be doing it manually placing order just the my interface provides me clear enviroment and fast procedure
iam not doing any thing algorithmic trading or strategy in it. i will just use for placing order and selling order with one click?
Excluding the broker's brokerage please tell


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I believe this is kind of already available in Dhan and some 3rd part applications as well. I would love to hear more about your plan like how this 1 or 2-point capture is planned, position size and stoploss etc. Of course, you can make this from scratch as well if you know coding or someone is willing to code for you.
No, creating your own trading platform requires significant resources and expertise. Instead, leverage Shoonya by Finvasia, offering zero brokerage and a user-friendly interface, for seamless trading experience and maximum savings.
Yes, it is possible to develop your own trading platform. You would need expertise in software development, knowledge of financial markets and trading, access to market data feeds, and compliance with relevant regulations. Building a trading platform requires significant resources, including time, money, and technical expertise. Alternatively, you could consider using existing trading platforms offered by brokerage firms or third-party providers.