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    Hi, Has anyone had any experience with How good/bad are they? Thanks, Satya.
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    Opinions on FundsIndia and New India Portfolio

    Hey! I was considering entering the investing game through investing in mutual funds. A friend recommended FundsIndia as a platform to start. I visited their website and it mentioned the New India Portfolio. Figured I would ask around on some forums and gather some opinions from more experienced...
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    Mis-using of Referral vourchers

    :mad:Hi, FundsIndia promised to give a e-voucher(worth Rs. 200) for referring friends to it on completiion of freinds registration in fundsIndia. I have referred my friend to fundsIndia and he successully completed the registration. then I redeemed my referral points to gift vouchers on 18th...
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    Transfer sip from ICICI direct to fundsindia

    I have already started a SBI sip in ICICI direct and now only I am seeing it after 1 sip that there has been a charge of 33 rs for monthly sips. I have started a new account in the funds india and have activated now . I want to cancel th sip that I am having for SBI in ICICI direct and would...
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    Hi Friends,

    I am Rashmi & very new to this community.I have come ere to grasp some knowledge about stocks (overall money management). I request you all to share knowledge & grow together in same interest. Regards, Rashmi Saini.
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    Hi Guys, I am planning to open a account at to invest in mutual funds. I have heard that there is no brokerage/commission/extra charges to be paid and its completely free. Is anyone here using FundsIndia, if yes please do share your experience here. I am sure many people will...