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    Unable to sell stock- ICICI direct

    I bought KNR construction on 21st April on margin buy and sold it off on the same day. In the order book it shows that KNR construction was bought again where i didnt buy it. Now it is showing in my porfolio and when i am trying to sell it off , it is giving error message "Insufficient stocks...
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    This virtualstocks.icicidirect.com virtual trading site is similar to ICICIDirect.com. Can we place Limit order after Trading hours? Please share the pros and cons already experienced. Thanks.
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    Transfer sip from ICICI direct to fundsindia

    I have already started a SBI sip in ICICI direct and now only I am seeing it after 1 sip that there has been a charge of 33 rs for monthly sips. I have started a new account in the funds india and have activated now . I want to cancel th sip that I am having for SBI in ICICI direct and would...
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    Which is the best Trading Platform in India?

    Hi Guys.. Can u pls let me know which is the best trading platform/website in India offered by any broker??? This will help all of us to jnow where to turn to... new comers and also medium experienced traders like me would be able to gain from it... Criteria can be: - Good charting -...

    ICICIDIRECT Margin Sell issue

    Ok I am completely new to share trading i just opened an demate account with ICICI. So on Friday i purchased the some share of Tata steel worth 438 with"Cash Buy" option. on tuesday it`s price increased to 465 & i tried to sell it by"cash sell" option but it said i had to allocate the...
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    ICICI Direct for Mutual Funds

    Hi Guys, I am planning to invest in Mutual Funds about 5000pm thru SIP. I am about to open a 3in1 Account with ICICI Direct. I know that demat account is not required for Mutual Funds, and they can be brought direct from the Fund House. But I think having a Demat Account will help me keep...
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    ICICI Direct, MarginPlus and profit booking

    I was experimenting with ICICIDirect's MarginPlus facility. I purchased 100 shares of Coal India on margin at Rs 319.90 on Dec 13. I initially put a stop loss trigger at Rs 315. Then as the price went to above 324, I put a stop loss at Rs 323.50. It was sold at 323.30, giving me a profit of 340...
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    not able to sell shares in ICICI Direct. Can anyone guide me?

    Hi I have bought 19 shares of HCC (9 shares for 59 & 10 shares for 51). Today morning i tried to sell 15 of them but got below error: Insufficient Stocks allocated. Please manually allocate by going to the Demat Allocation section But in my demat allocation i see only previously...
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    ICICI Option trading - 20% brokerage fee!!!

    Experts, I did my first option trade using ICICI Direct yesterday. I squared off a call option and thought I made Rs 3700+ on a single trade. But I was baffled when ICICI charged 20% brokerage on the second leg trade. Here is the transaction detail: Trade Date Contract Descriptor Action...
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    moving stop loss-ICICIdirect

    Hi all, I am a relative beginner (cumulative experience of 3 months). There are a few things that I have really struggled to understand. My trading methodology: 1) I deal in companies that have a huge legacy. Eg: tatas, reliance, mahindra, birla hindustan lever etc. in short...... and...
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    First steps in the world of stock market!!!

    Hi All, I am very excited to step into the world of trading. Have been a member of this site for abt 4 days, and am already amazed at the wealth of experience and knowledge that this forum can boast of!! To someone like me, its like learning basic science from Einstein!!!! :) Abt me and my...
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    Stuck in Options

    Dear Knowledgable Members, I am badly stuck in nifty options and need guidance from you. I purchased Nifty 4000 Puts and sold 3900 puts at the begining of this month. While the market was going down, I was having loss on 3900 puts, but that was protected by the 4000 put I was long...