Trading Strategies Using Technical Analysis

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Wow, that makes me feel old now. :eek:. Amazing to see such level of trading maturity at 27. :clapping:

Anyway, I am just 17 and have been trading since previous life.. (if u believe me);)

Happy Trading
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Whenever I see in real time trading, I will upload the chart.

What I was meaning -

Example - say as per EOD chart we in good up trending and intra chart (say 5 mins TF) makes a negative divergence and after that it refuses to fall for sometime, but it does enough to give negative feeling to many. Then we would get a flying move when price crosses above the high. This is because, all would have gone short seeing the divergence! The way I look for entry with trigger above high. To judge whether we are in correct trade not, you will find price would move 15-20 points minimum in next 5-10 mins in favor.

Hope this helps!
This has happened today. 5 mins chart has divergence with high of 5239 NF around. Market dipped. But it came back when it took out this level, market zoomed. so long opportunity trading against the negative divergence! But you need to combine with many other things for real trading. I have just told as an example. You can check today's 5 mins chart with sstoch.


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Hey Guyzz...

I wud like to share something from larry connors book... I have not experimented it yet and m still not sure on how this works... just sharing with you all as I happen to learn this strategy this weekend only...

1. Stock must be trading near or at 3 months low
2. Today;s volume must be double the 15 days average volume (more than double is better)
3. Either today, tomorrow or day after, stock must close above its open
4. When rule 3 is met within next 2 days, buy above the rule 3 day high
5. Initial stop loss should be placed lil below rule 3 day low...

~ Apurv
Still not an analyst...


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Hi Guys,

Since I am new to traderji was going thru the various threads for the last couple of days. Found that in many good threads the clashes of opinions have prompted the guys who had initiated the threads to stop posting their opinions and subsequently a good thread meets a premature death.

I am no analyst nor a guy worth giving an opinion on the mkts but I feel that every transaction that happens in the mkt is a clash of opinion / ideology (the buyer wants the stock price worth a buy and the seller feels the opposite).

We can all have differences of opinion and thats the charm of the mkts and also of life. But there are civilised ways of putting forward our differences. And also when we put forward a differing opinion then we become party to a difference. Then let the Mkts in due course of time decide who is correct instead of trying to pull someone down.

I am of the opinion that there are 3 kinds of people in this mkt. The first ones (in a pathetic minority in terms of numbers, but the ones who dictate the flow) draw the graphs, the second ones analyse them and the thrid ones (read morones like me) keep pestering the second ones for their opinions.

Now I do not know of anyone (and trust me I have worked with many analysts/operators) who are always correct about the mkts.

The reason why I am posting this here is because I passionately follow this thread and of late was observing that the thread could become defunct.

Raunak, you give your opinions for free and there is no compulsion for someone to patronise the thread. If someone does not find the thread to be up to the mark, let him find a suitable thread for himself instead of being abusive or unnecessary critical.

One more reason why I am posting this now is because I made some decent money from the Rpoer call:)



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Hi Guys,

Thanks for your post Esse. Some points did make a lot of sense.

As far as this thread is concerned, I feel it is better to post things that are worthy enough to read. Hence, whenever I find something which fits this bracket, I make an effort to post it. Thread is run and made popular by user participation and not just by owner participation.


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