trading strategies

  1. plyfz

    Connors RSI strategy for short selling stocks

    Hello I have used Connors RSI for short selling stocks with good volumes I am uploading file for same Regards Trade small stay in the game
  2. N

    Just saying hello

    Hello Everyone!:) I'm a begineer to stock markets with 1 month of trading experience. I trade only in Equities and would like to stick to the field. I have been learning a few basics from Zerodha Varsity and currently, most of my trades are based on market news. I have discovered Traderji...
  3. S

    NIFTY Intraday Trading - My Daily performance

    Dear Traders, I am in the process of learning Intraday trading on NIFTY and hence forth to evaluate my performance on a daily basis I will be sharing my experience, mistakes I made (so that it will help me learn from my mistakes). Having learnt how to generate calls, along with performance I...
  4. ritika1124

    How will you invested during this election season?

    Trading investing, When it comes to the stock markets during election season, not easy to trade like a professional day trader. If you've any wondering investing strategy this bull plans to use this election season, please you share here with us.
  5. SwingKing

    Trading Strategies Using Technical Analysis

    I am starting this new thread where I'll be providing trading strategies using Technical Analysis. In this thread I'll post strategies for Indian Stock Industry. Over the period of time I will provide the AFL's for the same. The best way to use this thread is to Understand and Master only One...
  6. S

    Newbie interested in learning TA & Trading Strategies

    Hello All I am a newbie to trading, tough have been a buy & hold investor for long. I am interested in learning Technical Analysis & Trading Strategies (Entries & Exits for semi automated buy/sell signal generation or fully automated trading) in full day intensive Classroom setting...
  7. C

    One more newbee: some more terminology Questions

    Hello All, I have been a guest reader and have benefitted immensely for past 4-5 weeks just by reading, so now startedhaving questions on some terms and have failed to relate to , kindly help me seniors.. -WHats the Difference between Swing trader, Position trader and what technical...