Trading the S/R Flip - Strategies around this widely used concept


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The concept of S/R or R/S Flip is not something new. S/R stands for Support/Resistance which are the fundamental anatomy of the markets, they can be found in the price chart of any instrument that is traded. What's interesting about them is that they often flip, meaning, a price area that acted at a Support, once broken, starts to act like a Resistance area and vice-versa. The chart below demonstrates such a phenomenon that occurred in the chart of Dr Lal Pathlabs. A price area that acted as a resistance, started acting as a Support once it was broken. What's interesting about this phenomenon is the potential to create multiple trading strategies about this very concept which is ubiquitous on all price charts irrespective of the time frame chosen. In this thread, I shall endeavor to put forth some of the strategies in my kitty for the benefit of my trading brethren.

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The first amongst the arsenal of strategies around this concept is here. Presented in a short duration in a audio-visual format. Plenty of charts shall follow here on this thread.


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