I am tradingview paid user and want to use their strategies for algo trading

I am a pro user of tradingview and want to algo trade using webhook.

So my understanding is --

1. I need a broker who provides api but do I need api bridge as well? ( I think I need api bridge as well to make a bridge between broker provided api and tradingview strategy correct me if am wrong)
2. I can not decide which broker I should go with ( I dont want to pay api charges so would prefer who gives free api and api bridge ) so please suggest such broker.
I think fyers and aliceblue provides free api?

Please advise if I am missing anything ..


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You need an Apibridge if yiu want to send orders from Tradingview. Fyers provides free API, and if you subscribe to Tradingview from their website, Apibridge is free for the user.
Thanks @sumosanammain - Ok thanks for clarifying that I need both API and APIbridge.
Do you know if aliceblue provides free api bridge if not how much they charge for bridge? (I know they provide free api but not sure about api bridge)
Also what about angel broking - any idea how much they charge for both?
OK thanks again...do you know if Fyers provide margin against shares we have in their demat? if yes do they charge any interest on such margin?


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hi @curiousv, can we download 1-min intraday data from trading view. if yes, can you please upload last 1 year 1-min. data of ES_Fut.
thanks in advance

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